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High Risk ACH Processing for Your High Risk Business

The ACH Network can be defined as a batch processing system enabling financial institutions to accumulate transactions throughout the day before sending them in batches for processing. ACH payments aren’t the same things as traditional paper-based checks: the former payments are transmitted electronically, thus accounting for lower costs and faster processing times. Finding the right ACH merchant account provider can be a real challenge, especially for those who’re running a high risk business. The majority of ACH processors avoid working with high risk merchants. So, it’s critical for high risk business owners to apply to a reliable and experienced high […]

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Business Corporate Identity Tax Theft

Every American business has its own Social Security number, also known as a Federal tax ID, Employer Identification Number (EIN) that identity thieves can target. In July 2017, the IRS warned that tax refund identity theft scams targeting US businesses were becoming more widespread. Corporate Identity or Business Identity Theft 2015 witnessed an embarrassing breach in which cyber-thieves stole $39 million in federal refunds based on personal identification data hacked from over 700.000 taxpayer accounts on an IRS website. This year, 107.000 individual victims have been registered through May, which is down from 204.000 in May 2016 and 297.000 in […]

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First American Merchant ACH Processing Will Boost Profits

If you are a new business, one of the most important mechanisms that must work correctly is the payment processing system. There are a variety of payment options available for merchants to utilize, from debit cards to ACH processing. In order to survive, new merchants must acquire as many of these payment processes as possible to ensure a seamless and convenient customer experience. If you are just starting out and are wondering which payment processing methods are best for your customers, add ACH (the Automated Clearinghouse) to the top of your list.  ACH Processing Is one of the most secure […]

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The Key Things you Need to Know When you are Setting up an ACH Billing Account

Perhaps you are considering setting up an ACH billing system that will serve your business. Just like in any other business initiative, there are a few considerations you should understand to guide your decisions and see you through the process. Here are seven primary factors you must know. ACH billing usually tends to have lower transaction fees Though not always the case, ACH billing typically have lower transaction rates that may just favor your business in terms of revenue. This happens in cases where the company processor charges a flat transaction fee. With this kind of a billing scenario, a […]

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Paper Checks May Be Joining The Dinosaurs

Business owners who grew up in the 70’s, 80’s and even in the 90’s were used to paying all their bills by writing checks and paying extra for postage hoping the payment would arrive at its destination by the due date. Thus came the joke ‘the check is in the mail.’ Those were also the days when a person could purchase an item from a TV commercial – C.O.D. – cash on delivery. That’s a term you just never hear these days. Even with all this data there are still merchants who do not accept credit and debit cards.  This […]

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Surprisingly, You Do Not Have to Accept Credit Cards to Receive an ACH Business Loan

Many business owners already know the value of a merchant cash advance. They are selling a portion of their future credit card processing for payment on an immediate loan. The beauty of this type of program is that payments are not set in concrete and are based on the monthly processing. Since the payment is a percent of sales, months with higher volumes will have a larger payment while a lean month will have a more manageable payment. Are you surprised to learn that there are lenders who can set up an ACH business loan without credit card processing? ACH […]

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Way to Increase Your Ability to Gain Small Business Funding

Location can mean everything to a new business. You want to make sure that you have the best place for your type of business scouted out. Sometimes the scouting can be a long process, but it is always worth the time to complete. Many factors come into play when you are searching for small business funding and location space. An important thing about the location of your business, this can help a person with the needed requirements to obtain funding. Resources One of the most important things that a person needs to think about is going the cities percentages of […]

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Business funding for restaurants using a cash advance

Whether it is a small eatery, a catering truck or a large chain of restaurants, opening and running a  successful restaurant can be a very rewarding yet challenging task. From picking the perfect location and  creating a distinct ambiance to the recruitment of the right staff and the conception of a savory menu, an  extravagant amount of time and dedication goes into serving people. In a recent industry survey of  restaurant owners, although many restaurant operators continue to do well, only 38 percent described  their financial situation as ‘good to excellent.’ And if you are a restaurant owner, chances are […]

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What is ach merchant advance funding

Funding for small businesses can be a daunting duty on a daily basis. Getting your business up and running with little capital can stall a startup and delay income indefinitely.  An ach merchant advance funding program can be the answer you are looking for. The inception of the program began by using the capital coming from credit card sales. As time has progressed, the program has grown and now can be worked out with a monthly fee from the small business’ checking account. In the beginning A business with at least nine months of credit card sales could approach for […]

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What are ACH echeck services?

Automated Clearing House is an electronic way to process our checks. Also known as ACH echeck services. They do well over thirty six million a year in payroll checks, mortgage payments and even insurance payments. Their network is different than what is used for the debit and credit industry. The Federal Reserve and the network formerly known as the National Automated Clearing House Association process and back all of the checks that run through our nation’s phone calls or through automated payments online.   To put this into perspective, our own Federal, State and local tax payments are run through […]

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