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2017 May Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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How an American Cash Advance Program Works?

A Cash Advance is a business funding alternative that’s turned into one of the most popular forms of financing for small business owners. Today, many choose to apply for a Cash Advance instead of traditional business funding. Cash Advance from FAM You might think a Cash Advance is a short-term loan or a high-interest advance. In fact, it can be characterized as a sale. A reputable business loan provider and high risk processor, First American Merchant, offers its popular Merchant Cash Advance. Turn to FAM if you’re interested in an American Cash Advance. FAM will purchase your future sales at […]

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Running a Successful Agent ISO Program

An Independent Sales Organization is also called a Member Service Provider. You can find a large number of credit card processing companies in the market offering different agent ISO programs. How to choose the best one? Consider partnering up with a reputable business loan provider like to enjoy the best commission and residual offerings from all the top providers in the US. Thanks to the partnership with the leading credit card processing brokerage in the country, First American Merchant, you’ll be able to offer more products and services to your customers and meet their needs best of all. FAM […]

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Are You In Need of Extra Cash in Your Busy Season?

Some may think that owning a seasonal business is a holy grail, as an owner together with his employees works hard only during the high season, and it can be just several months a year. Meanwhile, they slack off the rest time of the year. Sounds good, isn’t it? It is strange and yet true, running a seasonal business requires year-round work and good self-organization. It has some challenges, but the first, and the biggest is that the merchants should make money for the entire year in a few short months. A success of any company lies in going with […]

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Automotive Repair Financing Program Options

The automotive repair and maintenance industry is both increasing revenue and becoming more profitable. Automotive Repair and Maintenance Services Industry The global automotive repair and maintenance services industry is projected to grow at a double-digit compound annual rate from 2015 to 2025, according to Future Market Insights. Such growth is based on the fact that the vehicle production is increasing and there is more demand from emerging markets. The US automotive repair and maintenance services industry is comprised of nearly 160.000 establishments (single-location companies and units of multi-location companies), accounting for annual revenue of about $105 billion. Without a reliable […]

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Quick Business Funding Options for Construction Industry Businesses

Construction financing continues to be a challenge for many contractors, due to a number of economic factors. For example, contractors are very sensitive to economic cycles and revenue fluctuations from year to year. Excessive competition and the volatility of the industry are also an issue. For banks, credit underwriting issues are a big obstacle for banks in lending to these firms (construction company failures, unpredictable nature of the work, the estimates used in financial statement(s) preparation, etc.). Like any other business, a lack of financing causes many problems for construction firms. Without adequate cash, the company will be unable to […]

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Custom Small Business Funding for Your Trucking Company

If you wish to remain competitive in the trucking industry, it’s critical that you continue to invest in your business. Trucks and trailers require maintenance, wearable parts will need to be replaced, annual registrations and certifications must be paid for, etc. In addition to these expenses, you’ll still have driver’s wages, liability insurance and toll and fuel costs. In order to manage these expenses and continue to grow your business, you’ll need to find a reliable source of small business capital. Without access to quick cash, your business could miss opportunities to expand. Lack of cash flow could also (quickly) […]

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5 Alternative Business Funding Options for the Startup Entrepreneur

Whether your business is established or a startup, money is always a concern. From purchasing new equipment to covering payroll to hiring new employees, cash flow must be managed closely. Failing to do so will have devastating consequences. Opportunities will be missed, it will be difficult to keep up with the competition and/or growth and expansion will come to a halt. A year-end report by the National Small Business Administration (NSBA) revealed that 27 percent of the businesses surveyed claimed they were unable to secure the funding they needed. Desperate for funds to launch their venture or fund expansion and […]

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Merchant Cash Advance | The Fast Alternative to Small Business Loans

Many business opportunities, expansion plans and tight situations require that a business owner act fast. However, if funds cannot be accessed quickly, opportunities are lost and/or the business can find itself in a dangerous situation. For example, insufficient capital makes it impossible to cover payroll and purchase new equipment. According to the National Small Business Association’s (NASB) 2016 year-end economic report, “Despite a significant shift in outlook, small business access to capital remains stubbornly unchanged with just 69 percent of small firms able to get adequate financing.” This same report stated that, as a result of this lack of financing, […]

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What Small Businesses Owners need to know about Microloans?

What Small Businesses Owners need to know about Microloans? Just like the name suggests, microloans are small business loans offered to help entrepreneurs make their great business dreams a reality. Lenders offer up to $35,000, though a few lenders allow borrowers a maximum of $50,000. These loans are generally meant to provide entrepreneurs with start-up cash but are sometimes offered to newly launched businesses as working capital. You can use microloans to meet different financial needs including purchasing equipment, machinery, fixtures, furniture, inventory and supplies. Terms and conditions for Micro Loans Every microlender has their list of requirements to ensure […]

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Is ACH a Secure Network for Payments?

The subject of security is always a sticking point especially when dealing with money matters. This time the spotlight is on ACH with both merchants and customers eager to find out if ACH is a safe way to make and receive payments. Similar to all payment technologies, ACH also comes with its risks. There’s no 100% guarantee you are safe from fraud. However, there are a number of measures users can take to guard themselves when receiving or sending payments via the ACH network. ACH is normally regulated by the state government and managed by National Automated Clearing House Association […]

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