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2016 September Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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Lack Funds To Buy A Business? 3 Great Ways To Get Business Funding

Money is the biggest obstacle for many people trying to start their own business. Getting enough funding to buy a business can seem rather intimidating. However, it is not impossible. Each year, hundreds of thousands of people are able to find the necessary business financing to start their business. Here are 3 great ways to find the money to buy a business, finance your startup or just get started: Direct Funder Specializing in Alternatives to Small Business Loans These companies act as a one-stop-shop provider of alternative financing solutions in one easy place. They do all the hard work to help […]

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Can Your Industry Benefit From Equipment Loans?

When companies fail, many business owners blame a lack of funds. Companies need working capital in order to benefit from opportunities that can be used to grow and expand their businesses. Working capital is necessary for the acquisition and maintenance of new equipment. If your industry is sure capital investments can always save the situation, a lack of capital might be the greatest threat to your company. Can Your Business Benefit from an Equipment Loan? Some businesses can be classified as more capital-intensive. Others tend to take advantage of equipment business loans offered by platform lenders. To obtain quick business […]

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Funding Options From FAM For Businesses In Puerto Rico

Business owners who need some extra cash flow or are looking for business funding to purchase inventory or make payroll should consider applying only to reliable payment processors in the field. Applying for a Business Loan If you have already applied at your local bank and didn’t get approval for a bank loan, there are other chances to try as well. You can get extra finances for your small business by turning to a reputable processor like First American Merchant, a secure provider of alternative funding solutions that offers everything in one easy place. The process is fast and simple. […]

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So the EMV Cards Aren’t Hacker-Proof After All

The EMV cards were supposed to be the answer to all of our hacking woes. But, researchers are finding some serious flaws in this technology. While it isn’t new technology, it is new to the ‘States, making us worry about our new debit and credit cards. Are they really safer? What do we, as merchants, need to do? According to new research, hackers could re-write the coding on the cards to virtually turn it into an old-timey signature card – you know, the cards that we just cut up because they were dangerous to use. The good news (if there […]

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My Merchant Account Was Declined Because I’m a High Risk Business

So, you have no merchant account. Maybe you didn’t start out with one, or maybe you were dropped from your old merchant account provider. There are many reasons why you do not have a current merchant account, but the fact is that you need one. Regardless of your business type, you need the ability to process credit cards. There are many options available for those who have a mainstream business. From bank programs to a plethora of merchant account providers, these merchants typically do not have a problem finding a merchant account. But, what if you are in the “high […]

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Small Business Loan Myths Debunked For Merchants

Getting approved for a small business loan may seem to be rather intimidating. In fact, everything is easier than you think. Below you can find 7 common small business loan myths busted. Myth 1: It is the Hardest Thing to Obtain a Business Loan It is not easy to get business funding for your small business, however, it is possible. The best way to avoid being on the hook is to be well prepared to overcome the challenges before applying for a loan. Myth 2: Banks Are the Best Way to Obtain a Business Loan Merchants trying to borrow $5.000 […]

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What Is A Blanket Lien? How Does It Affect Your Business?

Liens can be defined as legal claims that can be found written in the fine print of small business loans. In case the borrower fails to perform its obligations, a lien can provide the lender with some security to be better protected. Filing a Lien and Blanket Liens If the lender files a lien for unpaid debts, the former gets an opportunity to sell a business’s assets so to collect money. This is how the lender gets protection against risks. The thing that loan terms include a lien option should not make you avoid applying for loans. If the lender […]

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What If Traditional Banks Decline Your Application For A Business Loan?

As a business loan alternative, Merchant Cash Advance is turning into one of the top forms of financing for small business owners.  Today, many business owners choose a Cash Advance over a business loan for a number of reasons. Why Merchants Choose a Cash Advance? Merchants consider this type of business funding to be a short-term loan or a high-interest advance. In fact, it can be characterized as a sale. If interested in getting finances for your company, it is important to apply to a reputable lender like First American Merchant. What FAM does is purchasing your future sales at […]

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How To Get Approved For A Business Loan With A Tax Lien

Business owners who fail to pay their taxes on time must negotiate a payment plan with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Otherwise, they will be imposed a tax lien. The latter is a public document to assert the government’s right to seize your business property and sell it so to pay your tax debts. Operating Under a Tax Lien Very often, it is extremely difficult to secure a business loan if you have a tax lien. The latter can cause huge damages to your company’s business credit. Even if you want to sell your business, you can face major difficulties […]

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Business Funding Options For Merchants With Bad Credit Or No Credit

Do you need business funding for your company with bad credit? Be aware if you have a high score, a wide variety of funding sources will be open to you to enjoy. In case, you have a bad credit or no history, you will have hard times to get approved for a business loan.   Ideas for Entrepreneurs with Low Scores Poor credit is something you cannot run away from. The important thing is to be able to find the necessary funds for your business and use them wisely enough so to get your score back on track. Below you […]

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