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2016 June Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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Top Cities for Start-Ups

If you are looking for a city to start your small business, you may have to check New York and L.A. off your list. According to a new report by WalletHub, the nation’s best cities to start a small business are not the ones you might think. Today, cities like Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Grand Rapids, Michigan and Oklahoma City are quickly becoming the go to places for new entrepreneurs to expand and grow their businesses. The “2016’s Best Large Cities to Start a Business” report assessed the 150 most populated American cities using data from the Bureau of Labor […]

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How Buy Buttons Will Boost Your Business

So you’ve made your website and are ready to sell some merchandise. In this article, you’ll learn how to sell products using embeddable shopping carts via Buy Buttons. Buy Buttons are an efficient way to let customers make purchases on multiple platforms. Embeddable shopping carts, will help you monetize any websites or social media sites you build. Buy Buttons enable businesses to monetize any website with quick access to your merchandise. You can integrate buttons into your websites using HTML, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. HTML Buttons HTML buttons allow customers to quickly browse through your products. Buy Buttons are embedded […]

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How a Credit Card Processing Loan Can Help Grow Your Business

How many merchants reading this currently use Square or PayPal to process cards? Probably more than a few. While Square and PayPal can work for a while, there are major issues that can occur with each, and the merchant does not know some of these issues until they occur. The answer is simple: You need a terminal. While simple, money issues can affect a small merchant’s ability to afford the equipment needed to obtain a merchant account. For this issue, you need to look to that merchant account for financial help. Terminals cost funds, and this is the reason why […]

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Boutique Business Loan Options for Struggling Merchants

The ultimate dream for many involves owning their own business. Whether you sell soaps, candies, or clothing, small boutiques influence the local economy in towns big and small. For many of these boutiques, there comes a time when extra cash is needed. A loan is the old standby, but it is usually the worst option; that is, if you can even obtain a bank loan. Below are the two best options for those in need of a business loan for their struggling boutique. For the first option, you need a merchant account. Many small businesses do not have a merchant […]

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Has Your Business Loan Been Declined?

One of the first lessons that every small business owner learns is rejection. No matter how much experience you have or how great your product is, rejection is a part of doing business. Unfortunately, many merchants experience rejection from the start because most banks won’t give money to high risk businesses.  While this can be discouraging, there are steps you can take to get the capital required for your business to succeed. Get Feedback from Banks The bank that rejected you is the best place to go for information on how to be successful in the future. Ask the loan […]

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Options for Restaurant Financing That Will Not Break Your Wallet

The restaurant industry is tough. From dealing with ever-changing local, state, and federal health inspection codes, to dealing with unhappy customers, your day can be filled with nothing but headaches. Good staff can make it better, but hiring good staff takes funding. Not all restaurants can afford extra staff, or better staff, leaving them with the cheapest options available. Restaurant financing options are available to help you with your struggles – and they do not involve a dreaded trip to the bank. While you may breathe a sigh of relief about not having to obtain a bank loan, it isn’t […]

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FAM a Leader in Ethical Alternative Lending

Last month a group of concerned small business advocates, lenders and brokers introduced a small business borrower’s bill of rights to the Treasury Department, as an incentive to regulate the alternative lending industry. Some in the industry are leery of regulations, but others believe that a few rules will ensure the protection of borrowers. John Arensmeyer, Chief Executive of the Small Business Majority, supports federal regulators taking the lead on alternative lending regulations. As it stands, the industry has left it up to the states to regulate lenders. This has led to a murky patchwork of regulations that wildly differ […]

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5 Steps to Getting a Business Loan

High risk merchants and new businesses often have a hard time acquiring business loans. Lenders view these merchants as undesirable and unnecessarily risky. However, it is possible for new entrepreneurs and high risk merchants to attain the necessary loans to start or sustain their businesses. The following are a few steps to getting a business loan. Make Connections with Lenders. Before asking for a loan, make connections with lenders. It is important to build relationships with key contacts within financial institutions. Remember, these contacts will pay off when you do decide to ask for a loan. Know Your Score. Know […]

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6 Top Tips for Entrepreneurs

Every successful entrepreneur has had their triumphs and tragedies before attaining fortune and fame. So what makes a successful entrepreneurs? It is a tenacious resolve to follow their dreams and listen to the advice of others who have travelled down the road before them. The following are 6 business tips from the world’s hottest entrepreneurs. Pick Your Friends Wisely Tim Ferriss, NYT best-selling author, believes that ‘your network is your net worth.’ Successful people surround themselves with successful people. The best way to learn and grow is to have friends that can give you advice and introduce you to others […]

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Should I Get a Cash Advance?

If you own a small business, chances are you have or will seek a small business loan at some point. If you operate within the high risk industry or have bad credit, you may have a difficult time acquiring a traditional small business loan. But a 2015 Federal Reserve Bank of New York study revealed that 7% of small businesses used merchant cash advances as a source of funding last year. Businesses that decided to pursue merchant cash advances were generally smaller merchants seeking lower amounts for short term fixes. If you own a small business, you may want to […]

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