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2016 March Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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Lending Options for Risky Merchants

Most merchants will need some type of financial help at one time or another. While most of us do not have wealthy relatives, we do possess the ability to apply for funding. From business loans to crowdfunding to second mortgages, the options seem endless in ones quest for business funding. However, all of the aforementioned options usually fail, thanks to the risky business of, well, owning a business. Money is a risky thing. From earning it to borrowing it, there are many paths that merchants can go down. Most fail when it comes to borrowing money. Traditional loans usually come […]

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Funding Options for Bad Credit Merchants

No one wants bad credit, but it can happen to the best people. An unpaid medical bill, a late mortgage payment, or even a fraudulent charge can quickly tank your credit rating. For a consumer this is tough, but for a merchant the outcome is even greater. Many things are based on a merchant’s credit, from renting a building, to state licensing, to interest rates. The latter makes it risky for a bad credit merchant to obtain a business loan – which may be a blessing in disguise. A business loan is okay for those with high cash flow and […]

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How a Small Business Cash Advance Can Help You This Tax Season

Tax season is here, and for many merchants it means the tax man cometh. The need for fast cash can put a merchant in a bind, sometimes making risky decisions. From high interest loans and cash advances, to title pawns and other risky methods of obtaining funds, there are as many bad ideas as there are merchants it seems. Luckily a good solution is only as far away as your merchant account processor. A small business cash advance is the best solution for a cash bind. Whether it is typical business issues or tax issues, a cash advance can help […]

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Small Business Loans are Not the Only Way to Advance Your Business

Small business loans can help merchants get the cash they need to grow their businesses. While this is a popular choice for merchants, it is not the best choice for most. There are many ways that you can advance your funding without the hassle of a bank loan – and get your funds in a short amount of time. However, a loan or cash advance is not the only key to cash. It takes a smart and well-informed merchant to succeed in our business markets. There are many ways to advance your business. From up-scaling product quality to increasing advertising, to […]

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Marketing Ideas for Your Struggling Restaurant

The economy is growing slowly, and hopefully this has helped your business. However, many are still struggling. Sometimes, it can be hard to market your business. While e-cig merchants and car dealerships have a never ending stream of marketing ideas, restaurants are often left trying to figure it out or themselves. Below are 10 ideas for marketing your restaurant, whether it is struggling or flourishing. 1:  Utilize social media. Whether it is Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, or the latest and greatest fad, social media can help a restaurant better than almost anything else can. Pictures of your offerings can gain […]

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The First Year is the Toughest: Your First Year in Business

The first year of almost everything is the toughest: From high school to marriage to the first year of your child’s life, the first year can have a lot of unknowns. The same comes with a business. Many businesses fail in their first year, and from many reasons. Sometimes merchants are not mentally prepared to operate a business. Sometimes it comes from the overall economy, or the product choice. Often though, it is the lack of cash flow that can shut down a business. In today’s market, there are answers for new merchants that can save their businesses, leaving them […]

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A Merchant Cash Advance Can Give You the Rainy Day Funds You Need

All businesses can use a cash reserve for when sales are down, or for when a catastrophe arises. For struggling businesses, the thought of having rainy day funds is laughable. When it is hard enough to float your business on a day-to-day basis, why even think about having cash in a separate fund? Well, a safety net can help every business, and it can be easier than you think to obtain the funds needed. Usually when a merchant needs a loan, they turn to a bank. A bank loan is the worst idea for a business – especially if that […]

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Business Funding with a High Risk Business: Is Possible!

High risk businesses struggle with almost everything. From getting off the ground, to growing its clientele, to getting a business loan, to paying back that loan. Business loans are the go-to for most merchants, and high risk merchants search them out, as well. However, the bad usually outweighs the good with a loan. While some refuse to look for anything other than a business loan, many high risk merchant account processors offer up alternatives for their clients. A high risk cash advance is something that all high risk merchants in need of funding should search out. While not all high […]

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Clever Small Business Funding Ideas

There are many methods for funding businesses. The main issue arises when the business is new, or has less-than-stellar credit. Thankfully, there are many merchants who have overcome these odds thanks to creative funding ideas. While not all might work for you or your business, you can gain perspective into the alternative funding options. Entrepreneur has a great article on alternative funding options. While not everyone is this creative or even a much of a go-getter as some featured in the article, it is inspiring and education. In today’s worldwide economy, the notion of international funding shouldn’t be a new idea, […]

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Bad Credit is No Longer an Excuse for Business Loans

For years, bad credit could damage a business before it even began. Bad credit could limit the ability for a merchant to obtain a bank account, a plastic card processor, or a business loan. Bad credit could also limit one’s ability to rent a building. Bad credit was once something that could have you turned away even before your idea was heard, but today things have somewhat changed. While mainstream banks and processors still look at bad credit as a turn-off, more and more “off the cuff” processors are embracing these merchants, and the ideas that they possess. Those with […]

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