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2015 March Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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“Bad Credit” and its Effects on Business Lending

The financial crisis of 2008 left many problems in its wake, especially for small businesses. Small businesses found it difficult to find any lending since many of the credit markets froze. As a result, banks became reluctant to lend to any business that was not considered the best credit risk. The recession also led to a significant fall in sales. This led to businesses having difficulty in receiving loans because they did not qualify. In addition, the collateral assets that so many of these small businesses owned lost their value during the recession – these are the assets that they […]

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Tips to Protect Your Startup

Starting a business is a big decision. The choices you make along the way significantly affect the success of your business and the livelihood of those who choose to work for you. One of the biggest issues you will come up against will be your cash flow. In the early years of a business, it is common for a business owner to experience sporadic cash flow droughts. Common or not, it doesn’t make the situation less stressful. When this occurs, business owners find themselves with even more difficult decisions to make in order to prevent their business from having to […]

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Applying for a Merchant Cash Advance

When starting your own business, one of the items on your checklist will be to secure financing. As a startup, this is not always an easy task. Startups are often considered “high risk”, a term that traditional financial systems shy away from; this gives businesses that have been categorized as high risk with no other option than to find services elsewhere. Merchant cash advances are quickly becoming a popular business loan alternative. Contrary to what most business owners believe, a merchant cash advance is not a short term loan or a high interest cash advance. A merchant cash advance is […]

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How Small Companies can Compete with the Big Guys

When starting or thinking of starting your own business, the idea of competing with big companies as a small business owner can seem overwhelming. In fact, many assume that small businesses operate at an extreme disadvantage when competing with big companies. Big companies have it all…or do they? Yes, it is true that big companies have large budgets that allow them to advertise on a large scale. They can do things much faster and can offer their products/services at a much lower cost. A cost that small business cannot match. After hearing all of this, you might be wondering how […]

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Voice Biometrics Could Be Future of Data Security

High profile data breaches at major multi-billion dollar corporations have been increasing in frequency over the past several years to the dismay of security companies. Cloud data storage, complicated passwords, and conventional data security methods simply aren’t cutting it anymore. This is why security companies have invested and invested heavily in developing a new medium of security. Biometrics, incorporating impossible-to-fake aspects of, well, being who you are represent the best bet to tighten data security. One form of biometrics in particular, voice-based biometrics, promises to be the most secure and easy-to-use implementation for the future. Voice biometrics parallel most modern […]

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Small Businesses Remain Uncertain as Temporary Tax Breaks Expire, Renew

Small businesses know that uncertainty is the norm and the bane of their success. About the only thing that startups and entrepreneurs can really count on is the guarantee of uncertainty. One of the annual forms this constant uncertainty takes is the government’s rollback of small-business tax breaks that are retroactively restored only months later. Yet, with the dead period and the lack of certainty of the tax breaks’ returns small business owners are left standing in quicksand, uncertain of the future. Both Democrats and Republicans acknowledge that uncertainty is perhaps the greatest challenge for the development and success of […]

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How to Get Social Media to Work for Your Business

Social media can be an intimidating mystery to entrepreneurs and start up businesses. Even if you use Facebook and Twitter regularly, it can be difficult to understand the mechanics behind getting these powerful platforms to work for your business and reach your customers. But, social media is so powerful it’s a good use of a fraction of the money you may have from a start up business cash advance. Whether you’re a first time user to social media, or a junkie, here is a beginner’s guide to understanding how social media can work for your business. 1) Go Across All […]

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Four Ways to Find Funding In Spite of Bad Credit

For an entrepreneur down on their luck, sometimes the only thing that is lacking is a second chance. But, in a credit-based economy a bad credit score can be worse than a face tattoo for putting a good foot forward. Finding sources of funding when a bad credit score stalks you like the business equivalent of the grim reaper can be frustrating. But, merchants with bad credit are not without options. Here are four ways of securing funding in spite of a bad credit score. 1) Business Cash Advance A business cash advance works in spite of any bad credit […]

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How to Build a Dream Team for Your Startup

Savvy entrepreneurs with good ideas can find great success by starting small businesses. But building and maintaining a profitable business involves more than acquiring funding, and having a focused strategy, it also requires creating a strong team to support company goals. Your small business is only as strong as its people, so owners must be aware that every member of a startup is crucial and teams may need to be recalibrated multiple times before you find the right combination. Here are some helpful tips from the experts on how to build a dream team for your startup. Consider Potential. When […]

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Top Benefits of Great Branding

One of the first things that companies must decide is how to brand their products. It is a serious strategic decision that can position your company for success or failure. A great branding does not happen by coincidence, it is acquired through focus and creativity. Although no two businesses are the same, every business can benefit from great branding behaviors. Here are the top critical things that great branding can do for your company. Create Relationships. Great branding forms a connection between the company and its consumers, and between the consumers themselves. Branding drives community between consumers who help grow […]

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