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How to Build a Dream Team for Your Startup

dreamSavvy entrepreneurs with good ideas can find great success by starting small businesses. But building and maintaining a profitable business involves more than acquiring funding, and having a focused strategy, it also requires creating a strong team to support company goals. Your small business is only as strong as its people, so owners must be aware that every member of a startup is crucial and teams may need to be recalibrated multiple times before you find the right combination. Here are some helpful tips from the experts on how to build a dream team for your startup.

Consider Potential. When you have a startup, unless you are heavily funded, you will need to save wherever you can. This may mean skipping over more experienced and expensive talent, for younger less experienced talent that can be developed and refined to your specifications.

Exploit Social Media. Use Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube, and other social media tools to help you recruit talent for your startups. Companies can also use social media to hire contractors to do specific jobs. This can be advantageous as it doesn’t require managers to hire permanent employees and allows them to spend less money in benefits and employee development.

Push Culture. Culture is the heart and soul of an organization. All of your workers must learn and live by the company culture. The culture must be positive, nurturing, and rewarding. When vetting candidates, consider what they will bring to the company culture and how they will fit in to the existing team.

Recognize Team Structure. Although managers want to ensure that all team members feel valued, they must also recognize that some members have more value than others. Know and fill the most important positions in your startup first. Find the most crucial pieces first and then build a team around those most valuable players.

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