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2014 December Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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Merchant Loans for Start-Up Boutiques

When beginning the process of starting up your own boutique shop, be sure to add finding merchant loan providers to your to-do list. A merchant cash advance? Isn’t that a small term loan or a high interest advance, you may ask? You will be glad to hear that this assumption is incorrect. A small business loan involves strict requirements, long wait times for funding, complicated contracts and extensive, endless documentation. Have you traded that steady pay check and career to pursue this dream of owning your own shop? As a start-up, the last thing you want to have to do […]

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If You Are Having Problems Borrowing Money, Try an ACH Business Loan

There are still small, medium and large sized companies that still do not accept credit cards. Some may choose to invoice all customers and receive checks into their accounts receivable department. There are small service contractors who will work on a cash or check only basis because they do not want to do office work – they would rather be in the field working. What happens to these types of businesses when their banks decline them for loans and they need extra capital? They should all apply for an ACH business loan. An ACH business loan may be a strange […]

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Small Business Loans Can Require Reams of Paperwork… First American Merchant Makes it Easy

Are you on your way to being an entrepreneur? You want to start your own business and need to get all your paperwork together that is required by the lender before it even begins to consider your request. Be prepared. You will be asked – at minimum – for a complete personal background (including college, jobs and any arrests); resume; your business plan; probably all three credit reports; income tax returns; bank statements; any legal documents and more. Are you cross-eyed yet? Small business loans are not easy to come by. After gathering all this paperwork are you prepared to […]

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Start-up Capital can be Funded by a Business Cash Advance

You have dreamed for years of opening your own business. It could be a neighborhood supermarket or an online consultancy. You have made all your plans but now you need the start-up capital. You applied for a small business loan but unfortunately because of lengthy unemployment, your credit rating hit the skids. After weeks of waiting for an answer, your loan was declined. Do not give up! Where traditional banks and lenders turn you down, there is a way to get start-up capital in the form of a business cash advance for people with bad credit. Do you remember everything […]

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Marijuana Industry is a Buzz-kill For Banks

We all knew it was coming. Banks and mainstream merchant account processors are not wanting to deal with legalized and medical marijuana merchants. These companies are prone to having a higher risk of fraudulent activity, therefore higher fees for the banks to pay out. Banks are stingy with their funds, so you can see why these businesses are turned down for merchant accounts. While it might seem like a good idea to have a cash-only business and forgo plastic card payments all together, it is not in this type of business. Medical and legalized marijuana merchants also have a higher […]

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Starting a New Business? Need a Cash Advance? Look no Further Than First American Merchant

Cash advances can be scary for everyone, especially a new business owner. The fear of sky-high interest rates and unaffordable payments is enough to turn many away from the option, and instead they turn to a small business loan. While small business loans serve their purpose, they can be tough to pay back when your new business is not making a profit. So, what do you do? You could always ask friend and family, but chances are the majority of us do not have the type of friends and family that can loan thousands on the spot. You need a […]

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Do Not Let Bad Credit Detour You From Getting a Merchant Account

Bad credit can hinder many things in life, from getting a car loan to a house loan, to even financing an engagement ring. However, it should not detour you from starting your own business. Many successful business owners have bad credit or a past bankruptcy, and while the road to success is not easy, it can be done. While planning and operating a business may seem like second nature to some, finding a much-needed merchant account can be tricky if you do not know where to look. A bad credit merchant account can be hard to find, and what is […]

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Low Cost ATM Machines are a Reality for Merchants

We all know that ATM machines can be insanely expensive, big, bulky, and they can take up a lot of room. This can be a big issue if you have a smaller store, or if you really just do not like the way that a full-sized ATM machine looks. Luckily, there are ATM options to help your cash-only business maintain its customers. While ATM machines can be massive, there are smaller options available. When working with a merchant account provider, you need to make sure that they are aware of the different options available when it comes to ATM machines. […]

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If you are a High Risk Merchant and You Need a Cash Advance

Cash advances get a bad rap, due to many companies placing high interest rates on their loans. Many merchants believe that a high risk merchant account cash advance works the same, but in reality it does not. Even so, many doubt that they will be able to obtain one, thanks to their “high risk” label. While many mainstream cash advance, companies do charge enormous interest rates to individuals and merchants that is not the case with a merchant cash advance from Our high risk cash advances are not “loans”; in fact, we consider it to be a sale on […]

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Surprisingly, You Do Not Have to Accept Credit Cards to Receive an ACH Business Loan

Many business owners already know the value of a merchant cash advance. They are selling a portion of their future credit card processing for payment on an immediate loan. The beauty of this type of program is that payments are not set in concrete and are based on the monthly processing. Since the payment is a percent of sales, months with higher volumes will have a larger payment while a lean month will have a more manageable payment. Are you surprised to learn that there are lenders who can set up an ACH business loan without credit card processing? ACH […]

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