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Start-up Capital can be Funded by a Business Cash Advance

business cash advance bad creditYou have dreamed for years of opening your own business. It could be a neighborhood supermarket or an online consultancy. You have made all your plans but now you need the start-up capital. You applied for a small business loan but unfortunately because of lengthy unemployment, your credit rating hit the skids. After weeks of waiting for an answer, your loan was declined. Do not give up! Where traditional banks and lenders turn you down, there is a way to get start-up capital in the form of a business cash advance for people with bad credit.

Do you remember everything you had to prepare for your small business loan dog and pony show? You probably used an entire tree in printing all the forms, applications, statements and many other types of documentation. You sat and talked with a loan officer for an hour and told him you had bad credit. A 2011 Pepperdine University study found that 60% of all bank loan applications are declined. It seems like they only want to lend money to businesses that do not need it. So if the loan officer knew from the start that you had bad credit, why did he make you jump through hoops and wait four weeks when he knew you would just be declined? This is the epitome of customer non-service.

Do not feel down and discouraged. All start-up companies are considered high risk even if the owner has stellar credit. You are beginning your new life with two strikes against you: you are a start-up and you have bad credit. Did you know that there is a high risk funder that has years of expertise in funding people just like you? This lender does not look at a credit score and make a hasty decision. The lending decision is swift and the lender looks at your future and not at your past.

The secret is getting you set up to accept credit and debit cards and maybe even ACH payments. The lender will look at your billing potential and make an offer based on your credit card receipts. Face it – bank checks are going the way of the dinosaur. Everyone is either paying with plastic or automatic withdrawal from their checking accounts. If you do not accept these forms of payment you could lose 60%-70% of your sales! This lender will do all the leg work to get you processing through a high risk processor that has low rates in the industry.

You will be asked to complete a short application – not reams of paperwork. There are no application fees, no obligation and no collateral requirements. Once the company looks over your application, it will be assigned to a loan specialist who will contact you. He or she will listen to your ideas and plans. You will be asked questions as well. You will have a decision within 48 hours – not 48 days. If approved, you can have your business cash advance for bad credit within seven days! How exciting is that!

If you are looking for start-up capital consider a business cash advance for bad credit. Call 1-888-785-6811 or click below now to get the ball rolling