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Starting a New Business? Need a Cash Advance? Look no Further Than First American Merchant

start up business cash advanceCash advances can be scary for everyone, especially a new business owner. The fear of sky-high interest rates and unaffordable payments is enough to turn many away from the option, and instead they turn to a small business loan. While small business loans serve their purpose, they can be tough to pay back when your new business is not making a profit.

So, what do you do? You could always ask friend and family, but chances are the majority of us do not have the type of friends and family that can loan thousands on the spot. You need a startup business cash advance from First American Merchant. While the term “cash advance” is scary, our cash advances are not loans. In fact, we only are paid when the company makes money. We buy into your company, with amount and discounts agreed upon by both parties. Since start-up businesses typically lose money at first (sorry to disappoint you, but it is true), it is only fair that the loaner wait and collect their funds when the company makes money. Otherwise, the loaner would just be putting the new business owner further into debt.

Besides the fairness of the program, there are other reasons why you should consider First American Merchant’s start up business cash advance program. First off, the application process is easy, and many are approved and have cash in hand in a little as 72 hours. Time flies when you are opening a business, and this quick turnaround is great for all involved. In addition, unlike small business loans and other cash advance programs we do not have to see your tax returns or receipts.

We are investing in your business and in your future…

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