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2014 September Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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Merchant Cash Advance Vs. Business Loan

Being a small business, the initial need for funding is crucial to future growth and success. As an owner of one, you have a choice between two different means of getting access to the funds – merchant cash advance and a business loan. At times, people confuse between the two, or even use them interchangeably. It is important to note that these two are NOT the same thing. A business loan is a simple loan where by you get access to a sum of money, which you either have to pay back in installments or through a one-off payment in […]

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How to Get a Small Business Loan For Your New Clothing Boutique

Irrespective of industry, every new small business requires initial capital to get up and running. From setting up to eventually growing, everything requires funds to be put in. The first thing you need to get access to a small business loan for your new clothing boutique is have a plan. As a new business, the lenders would want to know what you intend on doing with their money. A strong, convincing plan shows high chances of success. It shows you know where you are going. This would help assure the lender that giving you money is the right way to […]

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ACH Business Loans from First American Merchant

There are times when you are happy with your merchant provider but they won’t offer you a business loan, whether to expand your business or just to pay some unexpected bills. It is important to understand there are other options that might meet your needs without changing your merchant supplier. The ACH, Automated Clearing House loan from another merchant account provider might be the answer. First American Merchant offers ACH loans to clients and they don’t even need to be the business’s merchant supplier. There are some conditions, which they will need to meet and these are based on the […]

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Don’t Let Bad Credit Card Processing History Stop Your Business from Moving Forward

While there are many factors you have to take into account when you are running a business, don’t think that instant approval for a bad credit merchant account isn’t possible. There are a number of reasons for a bad credit rating and while the normal banking institutions might think you are too high a risk to offer a merchant account, this isn’t true with all merchant account providers. You have options that will allow your customers to purchase goods and services from you and are able to pay using their credit or debit cards. It makes great business sense in […]

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Bad Credit Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Get a Business Cash Advance, Yes You Can!

What is sometimes important for continued success of a business is the importance of growth or just succeeding. This sometimes needs the extra boost of outside funding and if you have bad credit, a small business cash advance is not impossible. A merchant cash advance might be the answer. It is not about set monthly payments or even high rates of interest, but flexible payments set at a percentage of your sales on debit and credit cards throughout the day. Therefore, no matter your turnover you will pay off your cash advance as your business continues to succeed. Bad credit […]

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Become a Merchant Cash Advance Agent With First American Merchant

If you are looking to help your clients find funding for various business related projects, it might be time to consider becoming a merchant cash advance broker. This is an easy option if you consider working with First American Merchant. You will be working with one of America’s top lending providers, giving your clients the potential business solutions they are looking for. The commission you receive for each referral, we will agree this, before you sign your broker agreement. Rest assured we offer a fantastic commission deal for all our brokers. If you are looking for business solutions for high-risk […]

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Get Approved For a Car Mechanic Merchant Account from First American Merchant

If you are considering starting your own car mechanic business then it isn’t as difficult as you might first think. Obviously, you will need to have training in the field and be able to repair cars; otherwise, it is not a good business idea. You will need to consider what sort of mechanic business you want, mobile or having a garage base; either option are great choices to make, it just depends on the area that you want to specialise in and the amount of business you need to generate to cover the basic running costs. It is important to […]

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Getting a Business Cash Advance Approved With Bad Credit

It is possible to get a business cash advance even if you have bad credit; it depends where you turn for help. There are companies like First American Merchant who welcome those customers that are higher risk, maybe it is the business or personal bad credit problems, but First American Merchant is there to help. It is difficult for many companies to know where to turn to help them grow, expand or just some extra help to get through a difficult spell. There are options to getting a bad-credit business cash advance. Often it is the new businesses that haven’t […]

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How to Get a High Risk Merchant Account with Instant Approval

It is important in any business that you are able to provide a service to your customers. Giving them more options for payment gives you more chances of securing a sale. However, not every business meets with their banks criteria in relation to the proportion of risk involved. Therefore, not wanting to let down the potential of great businesses the high risk merchant account provider developed. This enables businesses that are a higher risk, an opportunity to get access to the services they need to develop as businesses. It is not asking too much for an instant approval high risk […]

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Start Up Business Merchant Cash Advance Financing from First American Merchant

It is possible to start up a business even if you haven’t the capital to invest into creating a viable business. There are options open to the start-up businesses which can allow you access to funds, often at a lower rate of interest than obtaining them from the more traditional routes like a bank. A start-up business cash advance can help a business in the beginning to enable the business to purchase stock or just to help to allow the business to grow and progress to more than just an idea. It is important that you go into any business […]

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