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2014 September Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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Understanding the Counter ATM Machine & How it Benefits Your Business

If your business hasn’t embraced the new technology and is lagging behind in accepting debit and credit cards from your customers, because you can’t justify the costs involved, then you might be interested in what a counter top ATM could do for you and your business. It is a small device, similar in size to a normal card payment terminal but with a slight difference. It is in fact an ATM, your customers process their card like they would in any cash machine and instead of money coming out of the ATM they are given a ‘Scrip’; this is a […]

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It Is Possible To Get A Merchant Cash Advance Even With Bad Credit

Finding a merchant account that looks at your business and not just at your credit score, if they are deciding if they are going to lend you money, it is possible. Getting cash for your business is possible if you are working with the right merchant provider. It is even possible to get a merchant cash advance with a bad credit score. A merchant account provider is looking at the sales from using debit and visa cards; payment for the cash advance is in the form of a percentage from the sales made during the course of the day, this […]

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How High Risk Cash Advances Work

Are you interested but confused as to how a high risk cash advance works? What does this method of funding mean for you? Small business owners are turning to merchant cash advance providers for ways to receive funding. This industry is not a recent development. In fact, it is a decade-old industry that has grown unbelievably in the past couple of years. There is now more than 50 providers to choose from. With the situation for small businesses becoming increasingly difficult, especially for those who wish to expand, cash advance providers offer growth opportunities for those that are high risk […]

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What You Need to Know about Merchant Cash Advances with Bad Credit

Merchant cash advances have become one of the most popular forms of financing for the small business owner. In fact, the majority of consumers choose a merchant cash advance over a traditional business loan. One of the reasons being that you can obtain a merchant advance even when bad credit is an issue. A small business loan has strict credit requirements. A merchant cash advance, on the other hand, is a more simple and flexible program. For example, 1st American Merchant Funding will approve applicants with credit scores below 500. In addition, once approved, these funds become available within 72 […]

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Merchant Loans for Start Up Business

Are you curious about what merchant loans mean for your start up? Do you have questions about what it all means for you? Below you will find answer to some of the most frequently asked questions concerning what is involved in receiving a merchant loan. How fast can I receive funding? The only requirement of 1st American Merchant Funding is that your business has a monthly minimum amount of $5,000 in credit card sales. Receiving funding is as simple as submitting a form, getting a quote and receiving your funds. If your business is trying to get off the ground, […]

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Merchant Cash Advance Agent Program

Are you interested in becoming involved in the merchant services industry? Recently, the merchant cash advance industry has seen rapid growth. Over the past few years, venture capitalists and hedge funds have invested tens of millions of dollars into the industry’s firms and startups. As the industry grows, the need and opportunity for agents has also increased. The advantages of becoming a cash advance agent are numerous. When enrolling in 1st American Merchant Funding Agent Program, even more options arise. With 1st American Merchant Funding, an agent can gain access to the industry’s largest network of ISO’s, PSP’s and banks. […]

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