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Where to Obtain Cash to Help Fund Your Mobile App

Apps are used by those with smartphones and tablets, and they can help any business promote sales, and process orders. From banking to games to dating, the number of app categories are endless, and you need to take advantage of this opportunity. While existing companies can transfer their information into an app with the help of a programmer or app developer, start-up merchants may need help affording this service.

For those who are truly DIY, there are instructions and YouTube videos available for setting up your own app. However, this should only be attempted by those who are techie, and have experience in the industry. If you do not, it’s best to hire a professional. Of course, this can cost a pretty penny, which is something that you may not can spare if you are starting up your business. For this, you should look for a startup business cash advance.

A startup business cash advance is easy to obtain, and you can use the funds for anything that your business needs. From basic short-on-cash situations, to affording extra employees, and even app development, a cash advance can be a godsend for startup merchants. Many look over this funding option, thinking that it is essentially the same thing as a loan. This is false. With a loan, you are given an amount of money, with added interest, and repayments begin almost immediately. Also, with a bank loan your credit report and FICO score are impacted. One late or missed payment can drop your score, and it will not leave your credit report for seven years. This is disastrous!

Instead, you should look into obtaining a business cash advance. This is not a loan; in fact, it is a sale to your company at a discounted rate. Since it is a sale and not a loan, there is no impact on your credit report or FICO score, and there is not a mountain of tax forms to fill out a file. Also, while a bank loan requires a good business record and a good credit report and FICO score, a merchant cash advance can be sought and obtained by those with a less than 500 FICO score. If you are in need of cash for your business, you should seriously consider a merchant cash advance.