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What Business Funding Can Do For Your Business and Equipment Upgrade

Business funding is typically thought of as a last resort. While it is in many aspects, the new breed of business funding is safer and has less of a financial impact when compared to the old bank loan method. While many merchants use business funding for past due bills and emergency purchases, there are many things that you can do with it to revitalize a stabile business. Below are some of the best things that you can do with business funding to help liven up your business – regardless of what type of shape it is in.


This is a given, but sometimes people need a reminder. If you are still running Windows XP, you need an upgrade. If you cannot spare the out of pocket cash for a new computer, consider a business loan. If the computer, storage equipment, shelving, or even totally new inventory is needed to boost sales, then you should consider business equipment funding.

Seasonal Employees

The holiday season is quickly approaching, you the extra funds from a business cash advance can provide you a cushion to hire extra help. You do not need to hire a bunch of new employees – just one or two new cashiers, stockers, or general employees can help speed shipping and the cash register line.

Move to a New Building

Rent costs a lot – and so do the county and city “checks” that you must pass to open a new store. If you need to move to a different area, or have just outgrown your current building, a business cash advance can give you the funds to move quickly and easily.

A business cash advance is not a loan, regardless of what it sounds like. When getting a business cash advance, you are not signing over collateral. This isn’t a “loan”, per se, but a buy-in to your future business. Unlike a loan, you do not have huge monthly payments, but rather payments come from your credit card sales. If you are in need of business funding for any business issue, consult your merchant account provider today.