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Top 5 Ways to Protect Your Assets

Security has become one of the most important concerns for business owners. Identity theft is a real and prominent threat along with other types of fraud. As criminals and software become more and more nefarious, small businesses must learn how to protect their systems and the information of their customers. The following are the top 5 ways that small companies can defend their assets against the modern day fraudster.

Virus Prevention

Protect your systems from viruses, spyware, and other malware that can corrupt or steal information. Make sure all computers have antivirus software and antispyware. Such software is readily available from a variety of vendors. Make sure the software updates automatically.

Secure Networks and Establish Security Policies

Protect your internet connection with a firewall and encryption. If your company uses Wi-Fi, make sure it is hidden and/or secure. Establish policies that tell associates how they should protect personal information. Ensure that these procedures are followed. One simple way to encourage security is to demand that associates create strong passwords and change them often.

Backup Important Data

Regularly backup important data. Most software comes with automatic backup so check with vendors to see if this is an option for your software. Critical data can include: word processing documents, databases, financial files, electronic spreadsheets, HR files, and accounts receivable/payable files.

Use Updated Payment Processing

Work with banks and card processors to utilize the most recent anti-fraud services. Isolate payment systems from other, less secure networks or programs. And avoid using the same computer to process payments and surf the internet.

Control Physical Access to Computers

Keep unauthorized individuals from accessing computers or networks with sensitive information. Company hardware is susceptible to being stolen, and information can be stolen if not protected by administrative passwords.

Small businesses must have cybersecurity at the top of their agendas. Utilize these best practices to protect your assets and customer information. The experienced merchants of FAM will help small business owners obtain a small business loan for merchants with good or bad credit. We know that certain industries can be unpredictable, and have helped thousands of small businesses open or stay alive. Start your application today.