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The Advantages of Choosing an ACH Loan For Your Business

In the U.S., there is an expanding electronic network that enables financial transactions between entities with bank accounts. The Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments are electronic payments that happen via the ACH network. ACH payments make it easier for high risk businesses to acquire working capital loans. ACH loans help merchants cut through long wait times and give merchants fast access to cash. If you are a merchant in the high risk industry, this loan option may be right for you.

Why Choose ACH Loans

Bad Credit is No Problem. ACH loan providers don’t base loans on credit history. Instead loan amounts are determined by future earnings prospects. ACH drastically reduces the risks for lenders as they bypass the collections process. With ACH loans, lenders withdraw pre-determined amounts from merchant checking accounts for annual repayment of loans. So no matter what lenders get paid.

Faster Approval Times. Most merchant applications can be approved within 24 hours, and money is sent to accounts in only a few days. Acquiring funds from traditional lenders can take months.

Flexible Payment Options. There are usually a few flexible payback options with ACH loans which are based on a percentage of future business revenue. Unlike with traditional bank loans, there are no fixed payment options. With this system merchants only pay as much as the business brings in.

First American Merchant is one of the nation’s leading online loan providers. Our ACH Loan program provides merchants with fast loans with little hassle. Merchants aren’t even required to start a formal FAM merchant account to access loan money. FAM associates will only take a look at the past 3-6 months of gross deposits in merchant checking accounts. The amount of the loan is determined by your number of deposits and average monthly revenue. There are only a few requirements to obtain an ACH loan from FAM.

  • 500 FICO Score
  • 6 Months in Business
  • 10k in Gross Monthly Deposits
  • Less than 3 NSF’s Per Month

First American Merchant is the online lender for merchants seeking fast loans that don’t require access to credit histories or other sensitive information. Don’t miss out on this business saving loan option. Contact us to learn more about our fast and simple ACH loan process.