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Get A Business Loan With Bad Credit

So, a business cash advance is something that most every merchant needs at one time or another.  But, what happens when you have bad credit? Well, for some merchant account providers this means that you are no-go when it comes to getting a business cash advance. You need to look for one option, and that option lies with FAM. A merchant cash advance is not a short term loan or a high interest advance. It is a simple sale. Merchant cash advances purchase your future sales at a discount. Both parties agree to the amount of sales being purchased and […]

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The 3 Keys to Working Capital Optimization

Working capital management is often misunderstood. It is not a task that takes place once, or even once in a while. It needs to be a continuous process that is closely managed to maintain the financial health of your company. What is working capital? Your business’ working capital is the funds it has immediately available to cover day-to-day business expenses. Assessing the state of working capital can be done by pulling out your business’ balance sheet. Working capital is also used by investors to assess your business’ financial health and liquidity (how easily assets can be sold to generate cash […]

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Bank Isn’t Your Friend? Merchants are Looking for Alternative Business Loans

Forget applying to banks to get a loan for your business. Most of them stopped being in the “give a loan to a small company who has no collateral” business in 2007. This does not, however, mean that you are out of options to fund the growth of your company. Below are some of the anti-bank ways to finance your new business. Retirement accounts  Borrowing money from your IRA or 401(k) can be tempting. First consider a 60 day interest free loan from it. There are no fees if it is paid back in this time frame. Remember: This is […]

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Working Capital is Important To Business

What is working capital? And why should it matter to your business? Working capital is the funds your business has available to cover day-to-day expenses. Without it, your business could quickly find itself in a dangerous cash-flow situation. Or, worse case scenario, facing bankruptcy. It’s also important to keep an eye on working capital because it’s what investors consider when assessing your business’ financial health and liquidity; that is, how easily your business’ assets can be sold to generate cash on hand. Working capital can be found through the following, simple formula: Working capital = current assets – current liabilities […]

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How a Merchant Cash Advance Can Boost Your Business Esteem

So, you are a small business owner. You have committed your whole life in propelling your business forward. But as you might have noticed that it has become increasingly difficult to attain capital to grow your business in this day and age. Banks are becoming tyrants instead of actually helping businesses, they always seem to have a problem with everything. They will make you sign a dozen documents, put many restrictions on the use of the money you will get from them, and even after you are done with all the formalities, you still have to wait a while before […]

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Is It Difficult to Get an ACH Loan?

One of the more innovative products available in the alternative lending marketplace is an ACH loan (sometimes called an ACH advance or cash flow loan). ACH loans are a broad category of business loans that are specific in the way in which they are paid back. When you apply for an ACH loan, a prospective lender (like First American Merchant) will review your business’s checking account statements, typically going back several months. Why would they do this? Simply to get a sense of your average daily closing balance, which helps them determine how much of a loan to offer you, […]

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The Advantages of Being a Small Business Owner

If you’re a would-be entrepreneur, you have probably heard a million reason not to go into business. The internet, in particular, is filled with articles and publications cautioning about the pitfalls of self-employment, be it the risks involved, debt, a non-social life, and so on. But even with these uncertainties, thousands of new businesses are opened every year. In truth, the advantages of jumping into entrepreneurship far outweigh the risks. Here are some of the best perks of being self-employed. Control Business owners are typically Type-A personalities, i.e. people that like to take charge and make decisions, without always being […]

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How to Get A Business Cash Advance Without Getting Scammed

Business cash advances have recently turned into one of the most popular types of business funding. Many business owners now choose a merchant cash advance instead of applying for a traditional business loan. Lots of hard-to-approve businesses are given a perfect opportunity to get access to working capital thanks to business cash advances. To get a business cash advance, you should find a reliable and trustworthy business loan provider like First American Merchant is a reputable business funding provider and payment processor that specializes in the high risk sector. With FAM, merchants can enjoy exceptional financing opportunities, regardless of […]

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Working Capital Loans | Pros and Cons

Working capital loans give businesses a great opportunity to generate capital and focus on business growth and expansion. To achieve success and take your business to the next level, it’s vitally important to have capital on hand so to be able to cover marketing costs, payroll, and any other financial expenses that you may come across within the daily operations of your business. Working Capital Loans A working capital loan can be defined as a specialized loan type that your business can receive. It can help you meet the everyday financial needs of running your business. If you draw a […]

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The Best Business Loans for Minorities

If you’re a minority business owner looking for access to working capital, minority business loans are just for you. With the help of a minority business loan, you’ll be able to cover all of the costs that your minority business needs. So, this is a perfect opportunity to get established and to continue to grow. Minority Business Loans from First American Merchant First American Merchant is a reputable business loan provider and payment processor that specializes in the high risk industry. FAM offers unique business loan solutions to merchants of any type. FAM provides financing for all who qualify. Minority-owned […]

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