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Merchant Cash Advance: Fast, Flexible Small Business Funding Option

What does every small business owner in the U.S. have in common right now? Recovery. A need for a smooth recovery and future growth. There are currently 31.7 million small businesses in the U.S., and they have all been affected by these unprecedented times brought on by the pandemic.  As the economy bounces back and the country transitions out of the pandemic, the need for access to fast capital for recovery and growth will continue to increase. However, many small businesses are not sure where to turn. The federal relief from the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) ended on May 31 […]

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3 Payroll Loans that Help Businesses Pay Their Team On Time, Every Time

Some business expenses are “extra”, small or easily cut out when things get tight – but payroll isn’t one of them. Payroll is one of the most consistent costs your business will have. Whether they work for you on a contract, part-time, or full-time, your team expects to be paid on time, every time.  Of course, slow seasons come and – as witnessed over this past year – markets can take a downward turn without warning. The next big question is how are you going to pay those essential expenses on time, keep things running smoothly and maintain productivity? One […]

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7 Sources for Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Business Loans

Are you a plumbers and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) specialist? You’re likely to have specific business needs, which very often require access to additional working capital. Where can you obtain the necessary plumbing, heating & cooling business loans to cover business expenses?  Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Business Loans Different business funding providers have different requirements for applicants. However, there are some key points you should be well aware of before applying for this type of loans. Otherwise, you can’t get access to the best funding option for the specific needs of your HVAC or plumbing business. E.g., you […]

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Merchant Cash Advances: Financing Your Business Needs Now

What if you can’t get access to a traditional loan or are looking for an alternative source of business funding? The reasons can be different. One of them has to do with the high risk nature of businesses. Thankfully, there are alternative options like merchant cash advances (MCAs) that you can apply for.  Merchant Cash Advances or Business Cash Advances A merchant cash advance is also called a business cash advance or cash advance. MCAs appeared during the 1990s, and businesses in the space were the first companies in the field of alternative financing. Did you know that an MCA […]

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How to Secure an Equipment Loan with Bad Credit

The lack of equipment funding can be critical to keeping your business functioning. You may need it for expanding your business or keeping up with the latest trends in your field and being able to meet growing demand. However, what can you do if your credit makes it impossible or challenging for you to obtain an equipment loan from a traditional source? Let’s see.  Equipment Loan Thanks to working capital for equipment, you can obtain essential items without the need to pay large amounts upfront and using the last cash you have. However, there is a thing to focus on […]

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4 Steps to Get Your Small Business Loan Fast Financing

Running a business is one thing. Sustaining it is a whole other challenge. It requires meticulous cash flow management and availability of capital. At one point or another, every business finds itself in a tight financial situation. Sometimes, at no fault of their own. Whether it was uncontrollable economic changes or slow-paying customers, there comes a time when it is necessary to seek outside funding to keep operations running smoothly. Many business owners first turn to a bank loan. However, there are many alternative lending options today that business owners should consider. Before setting your sights on any one option, […]

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6 Important Loan Types for Your Business & Purchases

Do you have a striving business? Maybe you’re just starting or trying to move your existing business to the next level and you need to make urgent purchases, aren’t you? Whatever it is, access to additional working capital in the form of business loans, student loans, etc. is something almost all businesses and many people need at some point in their life. Let’s go through several options and find a reputable business funding provider in the U.S. Business Loans & Funding Options  Working capital can make or break your business. This is also true of people in need of financial […]

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PPP loans That Were Not Prioritized | Underserved Small Business Markets

In the crescendo of the pandemic, as businesses struggled to stay afloat despite tough economic times, most hoped the federal relief packages—the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), in particular—would come to their rescue. But that wasn’t the case, according to KB and Katie Brown’s print business in Minneapolis. Even after applying with three lenders, they never received any Coronavirus relief loans disbursed between April and August. “It just doesn’t seem like the program was built to support small businesses,” lamented KB Brown, who is witnessing small companies in his Black-dominated and low-income communities suffer to their closure. “It’s bullshit.” Congress’s instructions […]

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4 Tips for Understanding Your New Business’ Finances

Each year, over 627,000 new businesses are opened by eager entrepreneurs with big hopes and dreams for the future.  While their reasons for taking this leap may vary, they all share at least one thing in common: a desire for freedom. Who doesn’t like the idea of leaving their current job for the last time, giving their resignation and becoming their own boss? In reality, there is a huge amount of planning that needs to be done long before a business venture ever gets off the ground. These foundational steps will help ensure your business does not end up like […]

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5 eCommerce Financing Options That Allow You to Keep Your Equity

Now more than ever, businesses need working capital to sustain their operations amid pandemic conditions. Before COVID-19, small business owners had long been struggling to find lenders willing to work with them. Things are even more complicated, since COVID-19 has reshaped the finance landscape. According to FinTechMagazine, more and more offline commerce is moving online. However, many underwriting models for offline businesses don’t translate to eCommerce businesses. This is incredibly unfortunate, considering how many opportunities are available today for these companies. As demand increases for products from online platforms, companies could be making big strides – if they only had […]

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