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The 4 Financial Blunders Killing American Startups

The Small Business Administration reported that nearly one-third of startups don’t cross over the first two years, and almost half of them shut down within five years. It rings a loud bell but comes as no shock because money management is one of the biggest challenges facing entrepreneurs. If a 2016 survey found; 36 percent of small companies mentioning cash flow management as a problem, and 43 percent citing increasing revenue as a challenge, then it means budding entrepreneurs still need assistance handling business finances. So where does the rain start falling on you and how can you read red […]

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The Best Bad Credit Business Funding Options

Your business needs to hire a few more employees and purchase new equipment, but you have run into an obstacle. You need to boost your cash-flow to do so, but do not have the credit score you need to qualify for a small business loan. If you have found yourself in this situation, you are not alone. Many small business owners that have less than stellar credit struggle to find a lender willing to work with them. This can make day-to-day tasks incredibly difficult to fund, not to mention lack of capital can push your business into a dangerous cash-flow […]

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Merchant Cash Advances for Businesses with Bad Credit

As a rule, businesses with bad credit have a difficult time getting approved for business funding from a traditional bank or other financial institution. That’s why it’s of vital importance for businesses with bad credit to be able to find a reputable business loan provider like to get access to the necessary working capital. Finding a Reputable Cash Advance Provider First American Merchant is an award-winning alternative online lender and payment processor that specializes in the high risk sector. FAM offers the lowest possible rates and the best business funding opportunities to merchants of any type. Even if you […]

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FAM Supplies Cash Advances for Small Companies with Bad Credit

New small businesses spend almost 50 percent of their sales on marketing, while established businesses spend almost 30 percent annually. This may seem like a lot of money, but marketing is the life blood of a good business. It builds your brand, generates buzz, and wins customers. Unfortunately, too many business owners ignore marketing and it is often the first thing cut when money gets tight. If there’s little to no room in the budget for marketing, there are still some good financing options available to business owners. For New Businesses There are a variety of options for start-ups to […]

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New Funding Options for Businesses with Bad Credit

Unfortunately, your credit score has become the defining factor that can determine if you are eligible for a loan. Many entrepreneurs have what it takes to make a successful business, but may have made some mistakes in the past. As a result, even good business plans aren’t enough to get loans from traditional sources. But now there is hope for entrepreneurs with bad credit. Family and Friends. Look beyond banks and credit cards for financing. Your friends and family can be a simpler alternative to groveling at the bank. More than 50 percent of new business get financing this way. […]

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How to Launch a Business with Bad Credit

Getting a new business off the ground is a tough thing to do. Even with a perfect credit score, banks are much more cautious about lending out business loans these days. You’ll need much more than an amazing credit score to get approved. A thorough business plan with proof of concept and details about how income will actually be made is necessary for most business loans. However, what if you have all of that, but a poor credit score?   Launching a business with a poor credit score may seem impossible, but there actually are ways that you can make […]

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Don’t let Bad Credit Stop You from Securing Funding for Your Business

The financial crisis the economy experienced several years ago has caused many business owners to suffer from bad credit. It is a fact that smaller businesses struggle the most in securing funding from a traditional bank. While recent news has suggested that it will be getting easier for businesses to obtain funding from traditional sources, having bad credit is still a big issue. Gaining access to capital is the biggest roadblock for entrepreneurs as they struggle to grow their businesses. Even businesses with stellar credit ratings can struggle. Without the funding it needs, businesses are unable to purchase additional inventory, […]

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The 5 Advantages a Merchant Cash Advance Can Offer Your Business

For any business, cash is vital; this is especially true for the small and mid-sized businesses. Why? Cash is necessary to pay suppliers, to maintain inventory and to grow a business. There are many reasons why credit market availability can change; an economic recession or a business being categorized as “high risk” serve as two examples. When this takes place, many businesses turn to a new solution – a merchant cash advance. What is a merchant cash advance? A merchant cash advance is an alternative source of business funding for entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs may lack the credit rating or collateral […]

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Top Benefits of Great Branding

One of the first things that companies must decide is how to brand their products. It is a serious strategic decision that can position your company for success or failure. A great branding does not happen by coincidence, it is acquired through focus and creativity. Although no two businesses are the same, every business can benefit from great branding behaviors. Here are the top critical things that great branding can do for your company. Create Relationships. Great branding forms a connection between the company and its consumers, and between the consumers themselves. Branding drives community between consumers who help grow […]

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What to do When Your Bank Says “No”

There are many reasons why your business may be in a situation where it requires fast funding. Have you experienced getting a “no” from your bank when applying for funding to boost your business? Was the reason due to bad credit? Times of natural disaster can force businesses to close and therefore lead to a loss in revenue. In addition, if you have experienced personal issues like divorce or the loss of a business partner, you may be in need of funds. Unfortunately, if you have bad credit, it can make obtaining funding extremely difficult. Traditional bank loans will be […]

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