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4 Steps to Create a Workable Small Business Plan

What makes a great business plan? In addition to writing and covering all the key details, your business plan needs to be workable. Many templates outline the most important and common business plan information you need to include but miss one crucial element: creating a step by step plan. Your business plan is a road map, helping you navigate new territory and maintain your focus on your business goals. You need to not only detail precisely what you intend to do, but also how it will come to fruition. You need a workable business plan. To ensure you create a […]

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Brands Prioritizing Digital Trust & Safety for Growth

Digital Trust and Safety reflect what your business’ mindset is, what processes take place in your company, what organizational structure you have, and the technology you rely on. These 2 notions empower companies to keep their revenue balanced and make rational risk decisions. If you’re interested in this and need to find exceptional alternative online loans, you’re at the right place. Alternative Business Loans and Digital Trust & Safety Did you know that the majority of consumers are worried about becoming victimized by payment fraud? This is according to Sift’s recent survey results focused on revealing fraud trends across eCommerce. […]

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How Businesses Can Fight Homelessness

With hundreds of thousands of people being homeless in the U.S. and the U.K., the problem homelessness goes beyond the frames of merely social issues. If you’re interested in how businesses are on the hook for fighting homelessness and if you’re in need of exceptional alternative business loans, this article is for you. Businesses Fighting Homelessness: Alternative Business Loans Ironically, homelessness is the most vividly expressed in successful cities, in the intersection of dynamic economies and firmly regulated housing markets. This is a disaster that must be eradicated as much as possible. Did you know that homelessness is the fastest […]

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Are Digital Payments Killing ATMs?

The 1st ever drop in the ATM (Automated Teller Machine) in 4 of the 5 largest ATM markets is already registered. Are electronic payment methods killing cash? The number of ATM machines in Brazil, China, India, Japan, and the U.S. reduced almost 6% in 2018, thus making up 1.62 million. To learn more about the topic, as well as discover the most reliable and cheapest alternative business loans, just read below. Digital Payments & Alternative Business Loans In the modern era of cashless payments, the need for cash hasn’t gone away. This means ATM machines haven’t lost their demand. What […]

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Does Your Credit Score Reflect Your Performance? — Here’s Experts Advice on How You Can Influence Your Business Credit

Both your personal and business credit status affect your business. That’s it! Enough light has been shed on that. So, if you haven’t made changes, then you’re the main reason your company isn’t getting enough financial backing when things are heading south. But business and personal credit scores are handled separately. The three major credit bureaus manage personal credit status; Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. And these organizations do not release your credit info without your permission. On the other hand, business credit is monitored by the three main credit bureaus: Dun & Bradstreet, Equifax, and Experian. But several other, smaller […]

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Why You Should Monitor Your Business’s Taxes Year-round

The business owner’s mind has a lot to mull over year-round and among the matters they should worry about is tax compliance. Though not given enough attention by many, it is arguably one of the critical factors affecting their businesses. According to Brian D. Kitchen, a Tax Strategist at Kreischer Miller, merchants should learn the significance of knowing their tax liability under the newly passed Tax Cuts & Jobs Act, and recognize that proper monitoring of taxes year-round can be of help during filing season. Discover more ways tax compliance could impact business decisions all through the year. Estimated Tax […]

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Boost Social Media Engagement and Get Alternative Business Loans

Developing a budget to manage your finances should be accompanied with developing a plan for marketing and advertising. Boosting social engagement is too important for small businesses. So, how can you do this? Where to find reliable and affordable alternative business loans to grow your business? Just read below and you’ll know. Boosting Social Engagement: What About Alternative Business Loans? People all over the world spend a lot of time each day actively using social media. So, it’s no surprise that social media engagement is critical to your business success. Besides, social media is one of the most cost-effective solutions […]

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How Internet Sales Tax Will Affect eCommerce

The Decision by the US Supreme Court The Supreme Court’s rule allows states to require the collection of sales taxes for online purchases. This refers to any area in the US that the seller might be located. This new decision stems from a lawsuit filed by the State of South Dakota in 2016 against online retailers Wayfair,, and Newegg. Daniel Castro, who’s the Vice President of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, says that the ruling aims to ensure consumers will pay sales taxes through large corporations like Amazon or Etsy. Beyond that, it’s made to stop unfair competition […]

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Alternative Business Loans: Funding When The Bank Says No

Which funding product have you been going for lately? Is it working for your business or do you feel like you need a better option? Well, there are alternative business loans to go for. Have you heard of MCAs, also known as Merchant Cash Advances? Well, you must be curious to understand why this new-age business financing option is taking over other popular forms of micro-business funding and why merchants are increasingly choosing merchant cash advances over small business loans. Many retailers mistake a merchant cash advance for a short-term loan, or maybe a high-interest advance. But in reality, it […]

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How to Get Alternative Business Loans for Contractors

Contractors work on projects that are very time sensitive. Access to the necessary working capital is critical to contractors trying to complete their projects, which may require machinery, materials, laborers, and other things during an intensive period. If you’re interested in alternative business loans for contractors, just read this article. Alternative Loans for Businesses Business owners in industries like development and contracting who have applied for loans through traditional banks are well aware of the troubles associated with loan approvals. Loans from traditional banks require insurmountable requirements, as well as a long process of getting approved. On the other hand, […]

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