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How Businesses Can Fight Homelessness

With hundreds of thousands of people being homeless in the U.S. and the U.K., the problem homelessness goes beyond the frames of merely social issues. If you’re interested in how businesses are on the hook for fighting homelessness and if you’re in need of exceptional alternative business loans, this article is for you.

Businesses Fighting Homelessness: Alternative Business Loans
Ironically, homelessness is the most vividly expressed in successful cities, in the intersection of dynamic economies and firmly regulated housing markets. This is a disaster that must be eradicated as much as possible.

Did you know that homelessness is the fastest growing concern for business owners? Lack of capital that can force someone to lose his/her home is an immensely important factor for businesses as well.

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Let’s look at some examples of how businesses are putting efforts to eliminate homelessness. E.g., Amazon offers billions of dollars to address this hot-button topic. On the other hand, Microsoft has donated $500 million to fight homelessness and build low cost housing units in Seattle and Puget Sound. Tech companies in Seattle and the San Francisco Bay area are addressing issues like homelessness that have to do with the rising cost of living.

Let’s take Los Angeles. Did you know that taxes and fees have been the top concern of business owners in California for already 9 years? There’s growing criticism for the sharp increase in homelessness. Eric Garcetti, Los Angeles Mayor, has recently defended the work being carried out the city to address the problem of homelessness. As Garcetti notes, he bears full responsibility for how the city will respond to the issue.

Rising Homelessness: Reasons
There’re many reasons, including alcoholism, addiction, mental health, criminal pasts, which are listed among the causes. In fact, this isn’t the whole image. Very often, these are just problems stemming from finding oneself homeless in this or that stage of one’s life. The truth is that personal vulnerabilities aren’t always the main reason why someone has become homeless.

All businesses can take some measure to help eliminate the pressure on the public and 3rd sector at least to some extent, not to mention help people not fall into desperation. Employment, with providing people with sufficient payment, can help people avoid homelessness, as well as guarantee enough security and stability for getting lives back on track.

Interestingly, California witnessed the biggest overall decrease in the number of homeless people of any state during 2017-2018. In reality, it’s not easy to draw a parallel among different cities throughout the country rank in homelessness since different cities use different methods to estimate and report that amount.

In conclusion, homelessness is a major problem that brings its negative influence on the economic competitiveness of nations. Thankfully, businesses can help prevent homelessness.