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Qualify For No Credit Check Financing

Don’t let bad credit hold your business back. Today you can acquire sufficient loans even with bad credit. There are multiple types of loans and programs that merchants can use that don’t require good credit scores, high interest rates, extensive paperwork, or long-term contracts. The following are less restrictive and popular ways to get funding for your business.

Companies with bad credit or in a high risk industry often have a difficult time obtaining financing. Online merchant funders like First American Merchant can provide a variety of programs and loans to suit the needs of these types of businesses.

If your business is related to the following industries it is considered high risk:

  • Electronics
  • Credit Repair
  • Telecommunications
  • Bad Credit Assistance
  • eBooks
  • Warranty
  • Nutraceutical
  • Technical Support
  • Travel
  • Gaming
  • Airlines

High risk companies and those with bad credit sometimes turn to illegitimate or risky entities for funding. In order to receive the best funding, high risk businesses must find credible lenders that can navigate the waters of the high risk industries. Avoid engaging in risky transactions with foreign and shady organizations and gain the security of an experienced lender like FAM.

Alternative Lending

Merchant Cash Advance – Bad credit and high risk businesses can apply for merchant cash advances that ask for cash upfront in exchange for a share of future credit card sales. This is an excellent solution for merchants with regular monthly credit card sales, but who may have bad credit. The FAM program includes:

  • Credit Scores Below 500 Approved
  • Receive your Funds within 72 Hours
  • Simple, flexible programs
  • No tax returns or financials required
  • Fast Application Process

ACH Loan – The ACH loan program is available to merchants without creating a formal account with FAM. Loan amounts are determined by future earnings prospects. A pre-determined amounts is taken from the merchant’s checking accounts for annual repayment of loans.

Enjoy no credit checking financing with First American Merchant (FAM). FAM gives access to merchant cash advances and ACH loans. We supply thousands of dollars to your bank account in as little as 72 hours. Don’t let bad credit or being in the high risk industry stop your dreams. Contact us to obtain a low stress, fast, and fair merchant cash advance or ACH loan.