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Is Your Website a Good Customer Service Agent?

To be successful, every business must have a viable website. But companies that will continue to grow know that their websites are often the first point of contact. These days, your website acts like a digital customer service representative. After all, when a potential customer wants to learn about a particular service or product they will come to your website first. If the website is cluttered, difficult to navigate, or the checkout process is slow, the chances that customers will return or visit your brick and mortar location is slim. Here are a few tips to make sure your website is a good customer service representative.

Make Your Website Easy to Use: Visitors should be able to easily navigate through your website. Make sure that customers don’t have to search for key information. Use programs like Google Analytics to see what visitors are doing when they come to your website. What areas are more active on your website? How long do they stay? Is checkout simple?

Keep Information Out Front: Visitors must be able to find information on your website quickly. Ensure that the basics are on the website like the phone number, business address, hours of operation, social media accounts and email address. Also include information like shipping costs, times for delivery, and the return policy.

Provide Customer Service Assistance: This takes a little more doing, but will ensure customer satisfaction. Keep website load times minimal. Utilize pop-ups that provide live customer service assistance. Provide prompts that help guess what customers are looking for, or suggests products that will be compatible with their purchases

Go Mobile: Progressive companies must make their websites compatible with smart phones. Mobile is quickly becoming the preferred method for browsing and searching for merchandise. As time goes on, more consumers will expect to have an easy shopping and purchasing experience. If your business website is not mobile-friendly, you will fall behind the curve in terms of customer service.

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