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How to Easily Organize Your Business Receipts

It is easy to lose one, two, or many credit card receipts. While merchants are supposed to keep the little slips of paper, and have a database showing the payment types, sometimes issues occur. Luckily for merchants in our 21st Century cyber-obsessed world, there are many digital ways to keep track of credit card receipts – some of which are free and available on your phone.

It is imperative that you keep track of receipts. Paper receipts come in handy at tax time, and if the “tax man cometh” for an audit. It does happen, and you need to be prepared. It is also a good idea to keep these handy in the case of a chargeback. The lack of receipt can leave you looking for a high risk credit card processor, among other issues. We all know that keeping track of, and storing, hundreds or thousands of paper receipts can be a hassle. This leaves digital options.

Digital options are easier to deal with, since there are no storage bins or file cabinets to fit in a space. Instead, via your phone, tablet, or computer you can click the mouse a few times and access years of receipts. Problems can arise, though, when you are using untested software and software that has subpar security. The last thing you want is to be hacked, because this type of hacking leaves you and your customers vulnerable. Evernote is a highly rated app that helps you categorize receipts and files. You can categorize by month, by sales category, or even have a separate folder for your dreaded chargebacks.

Another option if Certify, which is available for computers (Mac and Apple), and in the iTunes and Google Play stores. Certify helps you not only sort and organize receipts, but it can connect to your Quickbooks account, helping you save time and energy importing a lot of data.

Merchants need to keep track of their receipts, but it isn’t always possible to keep filing cabinets full of receipts. Apps are available to help merchants streamline and lessen the burden of thousands of tiny papers. Take the time to look into the apps available to help your business today.