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Get a Small Business Loan from FAM

About 40 percent of new high risk merchants who apply for a traditional loan are denied. This is because a business marked as “high risk” is seen as a shaky investment for most lenders, who prefer merchants with surefire profits. Even businesses with good credit are still denied if they are considered “high risk.” Now there are online lenders, like First American Merchant, that specialize in giving high risk businesses instant approval.

If your business is related to the following industries it is considered high risk:

  • Electronics
  • eBooks
  • Warranty
  • Nutraceutical
  • Technical Support
  • Credit Repair
  • Telecommunications
  • Bad Credit Assistance
  • Travel
  • Gaming
  • Airlines

One of the main challenges that high risk merchants face is finding access to fast and credible capital. Luckily, online merchants like First American Merchant (FAM) are experienced at supplying small businesses with fast loans that make daily operations possible. The experienced merchants of FAM will get even businesses with bad credit instant approval.  We understand that certain merchants operate in unstable environments. FAM has helped thousands of high risk businesses regardless of tax liens, former bankruptcies, or FICO scores.

FAM is the solution that your business has been looking for. We provide:

Easy Set Up – FAM automatically holds credit card transactions with no fixed monthly payments.

High Approval Rates – Almost every type of merchant can get approved for a loan. Merchants are approved based on business performance and not longevity, personal credit, or financials.

Merchant Cash Advance Program – We provide a quick and efficient cash advance program that works as fast as 5-7 days. The program takes into account the business’ total gross credit card processing revenue, and will give you a loan based on 3-6 month average processing.

First American Merchant (FAM) is the online lender that gives high risk merchants access to business loans and payment options. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to acquire fast business saving loans. Start your application today or learn more about fast, low hassle small business loans today. Contact First American Merchant (FAM) for alternative business financing and working capital.

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