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Fund Your Small Business Without a Bank Loan

Small businesses need funding from time to time. It’s just a natural thing. Whether you have a car dealership or an e-cig shop, most merchants will look for funding at some point. The bank is one of the first places you will look – but did you know that it is the worst place to look? Below is the ultimate option for you to fund your business – and all without a risky business loan.

You can fund your small business with one call to your merchant account provider. Or, if you have a good techie merchant account provider like FAM you can just apply online. You need to look for small business funding, otherwise known as a merchant cash advance. A merchant cash advance gets you the cash that you need fast – in fact, you can have it in as little as 3 business days. There isn’t any hassle to pay it back; payments are taken from every credit card sale that you process. You also have a high rate of being approved, even if you have bad credit or a bankruptcy. The rate of getting a merchant cash advance is based solely on your business and not on your personal finances.

Credit scores below 500 are routinely approved. You do not need to turn in any financial statements or tax returns, as your merchant account provider already knows your financial situation. Ask your merchant account provider why this is the best option for you, and they will tell you that there is no comparison to traditional and payday loans. In actuality, it is simply a sale on your future business, and not a loan. There are no high interest rates, no penalties, and no harsh background checks. This is truly the best option for those who want to fund their small businesses.

While many turn to bank loans, this is the worst thing that you can do to get funding. When you are in need of business funding, contact your merchant account provider to apply for their merchant cash advance program.