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First American Merchant: The Leader in Small Business Loans

Do you have a small business, but can’t find a lender or payment processor? You are not alone. Even though small businesses have made a comeback, traditional lenders still refuse to extend credit or payment processing to high risk merchants. Luckily, there are more flexible and convenient options for small businesses that seek loans. First American Merchant (FAM) has helped thousands of small businesses like yours to find and secure small business funding.

High risk companies too often turn to shady or risky organizations for funding. These lenders usually deal in cash, and are not subject to the same rules as those that operate onshore. To receive the most secure account management, high risk businesses need reliable third party payment processors and lenders.

Online merchants like First American Merchant (FAM), can give your company the funds and payment processing to buy essential items, upgrade systems, hire employees, and more.

FAM is the solution that your business has been looking for. We provide:

ACH Funding – Our funding programs will have money to you in as little as 72 hours.  FAM gives out funds based on the gross deposits in your business account over a 4 month period.

No Hassle Set Up – Payments will be automatically held from credit card transactions with no fixed monthly payments. FAM is paid a percentage of your daily sales.

High Approval Rates – We have one of the fastest approval processes around. FAM approves merchant accounts based on business performance instead of personal credit, financials, or time in business.

Cash Advance Program – FAM has a quick and efficient cash advance program where merchants would receive working capital in as little as 5-7 days. The program takes a look at your business’ total gross credit card processing revenue, and will give you funds based on your 3-6 month average processing.

FAM is a merchant cash advance company that has assisted thousands of small businesses like yours achieve success. A generous loan program and a low hassle application process, will get you critical small business funding in less than 72 hours. There are no tax returns or financials required.

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