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3 Marketing Tips for the Beauty Salon Owner

Do you have a passion for hair? Now is a good time to consider starting your own hair salon. A recent report by the Professional Beauty Association, states that the salon industry is thriving. In fact, over 900,000 hair salons opened in the U.S. just last year. But once entrepreneurs open their doors, how do they attract and keep customers? The following are 3 major tips to keeping your salon successful.

Make an Online Presence that Ends with the Shop

Creating a webpage or making a Facebook page will create a web presence for your salon to recruit customers. It also creates a platform for stylists to publish how-to videos and hair styling instructions for customers. These posts will give your salon more credibility and act as a showcase for your work. But remember to place a call-to-action at the end of these videos that tells the audience to book an appointment with you!

Your Salon Website Must be Mobile Friendly

Today’s hair salon website must be mobile friendly. According to a recent mobility report, 82 percent of men’s hairstyle terms were searched for on mobile devices, and 80 percent of searches for top hair color trends occurred on mobile devices. When potential customers watch your videos on a mobile platform, your chances to book an appointment increase dramatically.

Keep Up with the Biz

Hair dressers and salon owners must stay on top of the latest hair trends and color. Remember you are not just selling services and products, but your expertise. Why should the client go to your salon and not the one down the street? Take some time every quarter to research the top beauty trends and services in your area. Keep up with the latest trends and your salon will always attract new customers and maintain credibility.

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