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2022 April Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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A Quick Guide on How to Manage your Cash Flow

Cash flow in your business is very important to inspire the growth and profitability of your business. How you manage cash flow will determine your day-to-day business progress. Poor cash flow management may be detrimental to your enterprise. You may be unable to pay staff, restock supplies or even meet business expenses on time. We have researched four efficient ways to manage your cash flow better so that your business can grow and be more profitable. Escape the year-one Obstacles Most new business owners in nearly all industries identify cash flow as a leading obstacle to growth and success. Keeping […]

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5 of the Most Profitable Businesses to Start in 2022

What is a good business to start in 2022? Let’s discuss the most profitable businesses that you should consider starting in 2022. Also, you’ll learn where you can obtain reliable and affordable business funding solutions, such as a merchant cash advance.  What Businesses to Start in 2022 Are you interested in starting a business in 2022? There is more than one business to consider in 2022. They’re easy to launch and can help you earn revenue. So, here they are: 1. Online Shop eCommerce is on the rise worldwide, so selling products online is one of the best ideas to […]

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4 Steps to Refinance a Business Loan

There are several reasons why you might want to refinance your business loan, including saving money on interest, having better options for repayment, and consolidating your debt. The whole process of refinancing a business loan can be quite overwhelming as there are many factors to consider, including your credit history, credit score, and the amount you want to borrow. Here are 4 steps you can follow to complete loan refinance successfully: Tips to Refinance a Business Loan 1. Check how much you have in debt and other factors First, you need to check how much debt you have. You should […]

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Need Access To Capital Now? Consider a Merchant Cash Advance

One of the most common reasons that businesses fail is the lack of cash flow. In fact, a survey conducted by U.S. banks has discovered that as much as 82% of small businesses fail due to cash flow problems.  Cash flow problems occur when your monthly expenses surpass the amount of cash you have on hand. This could be attributed to slower sales or customers defaulting on their payments. Poor cash flow can put a serious halt to your business as you won’t be able to run your daily operations or even invest in the growth of your business.  If […]

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The Best Places to start a business in 2022

You feel it’s the right time to start a business, yet you find it hard to decide where to locate the business. As an entrepreneur, you will need a  place that inspires you and gives you space to grow over time.  When you finally get your idea, identify your capital financing option, and formulate a dedicated business plan, opportunities and places to start the business are limitless. We will look at three easy places to start any business. At home Starting a business at home is much easier today than in the past years. Globalization and technology have tremendously improved […]

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Top Signs Your Small Business Needs a Merchant Cash Advance

Struggling with cash flow? You’re not alone. According to a survey from U.S. Bank, 82% of small businesses fail because of cash flow problems. Year after year, small business owners admit that cash flow is one of their tops – if not number one – challenges.  Maintaining cash flow is difficult when business is good, when the unexpected happens, it can feel nearly impossible. One of the most popular solutions for cash flow issues today is a merchant cash advance. If you’re unfamiliar, the following information will give you a glimpse of how this financing tool works, as well as […]

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Small Businesses Seek Financing to Deal with Inflation Head-On

The hot topic of the last few months has been inflation. Inflation has been tough for everyone, including small business owners. As the rollercoaster of the pandemic has eased – shutdowns and supply chain disruptions – the newest concern has become the shocking inflation. As prices continue to fluctuate, maintaining a consistent cash flow has become increasingly difficult for business owners. The need for a way to ease the impact of ebbs and flows in costs has become top of the priority list. Many small business owners are now seeking long-term solutions to handle this inflationary period head-on. Why You […]

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How to Easily Secure a Startup Business Loan in 2022

Starting a small business has always been expensive. Fast forward to our post-Covid world, trying to get a business everything it needs to hit the ground running can feel next to impossible. If you’re currently juggling doubts and questions, never fear!  Every small business owner faces startup expenses. These expenses will vary depending on your business type. Whether you need heavy machinery or a new laptop, coming up with the cash for equipment can be difficult. On top of that, you need to purchase inventory, pay contractors, cover rent and meet payroll.  To make matters more complicated, outside funding can […]

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5 Ways to Control Your Finances in 2022

What does the future hold for personal finances? The financial landscape is changing all the time, but these changes will see our pockets feel the pinch, and some of us could be battling to stay afloat. Trying to forecast the financial future is hard, but we can make some educated guesses, based on what’s happening right now. With that in mind, here are six ways your finances could change in 2022. Tips to Better Your Finances this Year 1.  Watch your credit score  Your credit score shows key factors such as how long it has been since you used certain […]

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4 Warning Signs You’re About to Make a Poor Business Decision

Thinking about making a business decision, but not sure whether it is the right one? It may be time to take a step back. Trying to make decisions without researching can have negative, long-term consequences for companies. When making decisions about significant changes or purchases, these four warning signs indicate you need to slow down and do more thinking before proceeding: 4 Red flags Your Decision May Hurt Your Business 1.  You have not done enough research about it.  If you are making a major business decision and have not researched much about it, you might be making the wrong […]

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