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2021 August Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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Why a Bridge Loan is Your Next Best Instant Funding Strategy

A bridge loan is a kind of short-term funding built to help a business meet its financial needs until it acquires a long-term loan. These loans are a life-saver, especially when you need instant funding to keep operations running or seize an opportunity. Entrepreneurs who apply for a bridge loan can use it to buy or upgrade assets or finance business operations. Then, as soon as their business acquires long-term funding, it utilizes the funds from the newly acquired long-term loan to settle the bridge.  Companies depend on bridge loans (most with higher interest rates than regular long-term funding) to […]

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7 Sources for Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Business Loans

Are you a plumbers and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) specialist? You’re likely to have specific business needs, which very often require access to additional working capital. Where can you obtain the necessary plumbing, heating & cooling business loans to cover business expenses?  Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Business Loans Different business funding providers have different requirements for applicants. However, there are some key points you should be well aware of before applying for this type of loans. Otherwise, you can’t get access to the best funding option for the specific needs of your HVAC or plumbing business. E.g., you […]

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Is Your Loan Provider Selling You What They Marketed? | Small Business Financing

How would you feel if you found out that the financing you’ve wound up with isn’t what your lender promised? From MCAs to business credit lines, lenders have designed a long list of funding products for small and medium businesses. But not all products are okay for every financial need. Speaking to PYMNTS, Flo Capital Co-founder Ryan Ridgway feels there’s often a bait-and-switch trick that most lenders use to lure business. How Bait-&-Switch Works According to him, loan providers can “dangle the carrot” with a particular product, only to sadly offer a retailer a different product, which might not fit […]

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9 Common Financing Mistakes to Avoid

Are you a startup founder? You might be faced with the common challenges all starters come across on their way. Avoiding financing mistakes is critical to your success. Let’s discuss several top mistakes that you should sidestep so not to fail in the early stages. Also, let’s see where you can find reliable and cheap startup lending in case you need access to additional working capital while growing your business. Common Financing Mistakes & Startup Lending  Did you know that 2 out of 10 startups fail in their 1st year, as the Bureau of Labor reports? Starting up isn’t easy, […]

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Merchant Cash Advances: Financing Your Business Needs Now

What if you can’t get access to a traditional loan or are looking for an alternative source of business funding? The reasons can be different. One of them has to do with the high risk nature of businesses. Thankfully, there are alternative options like merchant cash advances (MCAs) that you can apply for.  Merchant Cash Advances or Business Cash Advances A merchant cash advance is also called a business cash advance or cash advance. MCAs appeared during the 1990s, and businesses in the space were the first companies in the field of alternative financing. Did you know that an MCA […]

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How to Secure an Equipment Loan with Bad Credit

The lack of equipment funding can be critical to keeping your business functioning. You may need it for expanding your business or keeping up with the latest trends in your field and being able to meet growing demand. However, what can you do if your credit makes it impossible or challenging for you to obtain an equipment loan from a traditional source? Let’s see.  Equipment Loan Thanks to working capital for equipment, you can obtain essential items without the need to pay large amounts upfront and using the last cash you have. However, there is a thing to focus on […]

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