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9 Common Financing Mistakes to Avoid

Are you a startup founder? You might be faced with the common challenges all starters come across on their way. Avoiding financing mistakes is critical to your success. Let’s discuss several top mistakes that you should sidestep so not to fail in the early stages. Also, let’s see where you can find reliable and cheap startup lending in case you need access to additional working capital while growing your business.

Common Financing Mistakes & Startup Lending 

Did you know that 2 out of 10 startups fail in their 1st year, as the Bureau of Labor reports? Starting up isn’t easy, and finances play a huge role in this. COVID-19 resulted in an economic slowdown last year, thus creating even bigger challenges for startup founders. 

Here’s a list of financing mistakes that you should sidestep:

1. Not Focusing on Getting Your Finances In Order

Decide on how much capital you need for your startup. How long will you manage to operate before your funds are over? Have you already gathered enough funds for emergencies?

2. Not Figuring Out the Amount You Need for Your Venture

Decide on how much capital you need for starting your business. Where and how can you obtain those funds? 

3. Hiring Too Many Employees Too Rapidly, Especially for Full-Time Positions

Consider working with freelancers, part-time employees, or consider opening project-based contracts. Moreover, avoid making expensive hires. 

4. Buying Too Much Inventory

This way, you can waste money. Instead, negotiate on the price offered by suppliers and partners.

5. Not Relying on Professional Financial Experience

Turn to financial professionals for advice.

6. Not Being Prepared for Running Out of Cash Before generating Cash

If you need extra funds, you may want to turn to your bank. However, traditional banks and financial institutions aren’t willing to provide services for risky ventures. So, to avoid being rejected, you’d better choose an alternative source.

That’s where alternative online lenders like First American Merchant can help. By the way, a merchant cash advance (MCA) from a reputable provider like FAM is ideal for a super-fast turnaround. FAM specializes in the high-risk field and is ready to provide startup lending for those who’re taking their first steps or those with bad credit. 

7. Making Unnecessary Purchases

Focus on accumulating enough disposable cash before spending on what’s nice to have. 

8. Focusing on Personal Expenses 

Avoid making personal purchases after you’ve just kicked off. Avoid rushing out to make personal expenses.

9. Not Understanding Your Taxes 

Now all business types are associated with the same federal and state tax obligations. So, you need to understand your obligations well and build your plans accordingly.  

Early-stage businesses aren’t deprived of risks and challenges on their way towards growth. To avoid failure, it’s crucial to stay away from mistakes, especially those having to do with finances. Working with an expert lender is critical to success.