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2019 July Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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New Financial Players Bring Back Risky Borrowing Habits

After the devastating financial crisis of 2008, you would think the financial industry had learned its lesson. However, just a decade after reckless home lending habits nearly destroyed the financial system, risky loans are back in full force. This time, banks are not the ones to blame. In the years following the recession, a growing network of businesses stepped in to provide alternative loan options to the parts of the economy banks had quickly abandoned. This is known as “shadow banking”. With banks unwilling to lend, it made it incredibly difficult – and still does – for many individuals and […]

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More Small Businesses in the US are turning to Alternative Lending

Dun & Bradstreet partnered with Pepperdine Graziadio Business School to investigate lending in the US. And the findings were that; more and more lending options are hitting the market for both small (below $5 million in revenue) and mid-sized firms ($5 – $100 million). The research, titled the Q2 Private Capital Access Index(PCA Index), found that 34 percent of respondents tried to raise funds in Q2, an uptick from first quarter’s 29 percent. Other findings from the PCA index showed that attempts to obtain a loan from traditional banks went down since Q1. Only 41 percent of companies agreed they […]

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Managing the Three Risks That Could Finish Your Business in 2019 and Beyond

Above all other goals, every entrepreneur wants to stay competitive— because if you ran out of business then you’re as good as “back to square to square one.” Staying competitive involves knowing the risks that today businesses face; things that could ruin your bottom line. If your business isn’t ready to keep up with new trends and address the growing pains in your sector then you are bound to lag behind and lose customers to you fast-moving counterparts. The move towards a customer-centric way of conducting business has increased the risk of failure among merchants. Customers now want a more […]

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Funding Bill by Congress Shields Banking Institutions Onboarding Marijuana Merchants

It won’t be long before federal officials penalizing banking institutions onboarding cannabis merchants will not be able to do so. This sigh of relief comes after the release of the annual spending bill by a team of Congress officials last month. The proposed bill would also lift off a longstanding rule that restricts Washington, D.C. from investing its own finances in legalization and control of recreational cannabis sales. Though more and more states are pacing the shift towards legalization, most banks are still unwilling to onboard licensed merchants in the sector out of fear of rubbing shoulders with the law. […]

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Moving on With Bad Credit After Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

The most widely-spread type of bankruptcy is the so-called “Chapter 7 bankruptcy.” It can be of help to business owners in certain cases. Is it possible to launch a new business after a Chapter 7 bankruptcy? How can you do this? Where can you find a reliable bad credit merchant account or business financing? Just read below to know. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy & Bad Credit Merchant Account Do you have bills you’re unable to pay? Many choose to file for personal bankruptcy to avoid paying them. What’s more, there’re business owners who file for bankruptcy strategically since it can help […]

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How Businesses Can Fight Homelessness

With hundreds of thousands of people being homeless in the U.S. and the U.K., the problem homelessness goes beyond the frames of merely social issues. If you’re interested in how businesses are on the hook for fighting homelessness and if you’re in need of exceptional alternative business loans, this article is for you. Businesses Fighting Homelessness: Alternative Business Loans Ironically, homelessness is the most vividly expressed in successful cities, in the intersection of dynamic economies and firmly regulated housing markets. This is a disaster that must be eradicated as much as possible. Did you know that homelessness is the fastest […]

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Slave to Your Own Business? Need ACH eCheck Services?

As a small business owner, are you free or you’re enslaved by your own business? Do you feel like a caged animal? So, what can you do if your business demands all of your time and energy leaving you with nothing? Besides, where can you find exceptional ACH eCheck services to grow your business? Just read below and you’ll know. ACH eCheck Services for Your Business People often start a business to enjoy more freedom. Ironically, they lose some of that freedom because it’s critical to work so many more hours. Beyond any doubt, starting your own business is a […]

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10 Ways to Build Up Retirement Funds

Your personal success as a small business owner is based on long-term planning. Building a successful business is important but it’s no less important to build up funds for after retirement. How to secure personal retirement funds effectively? Where to find reliable and affordable ACH business loans? Just read to know. Funds for After Retirement: ACH Business Loans Have you already hit 60? Hopefully, you have built up a significant amount for after your retirement. What if you haven’t? Well, you need to be careful about protecting what you’ve built and take advantage of opportunities. In fact, the number of […]

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Advocates Committed to Making Cannabis Equity Program Work

It’s no secret that merchants in the cannabis industry and those hoping to jump in on opportunities struggle to do so. It is very challenging to enter an industry that is considered high-risk, with state law constantly at odds with federal law. Trying to find the funding necessary to even get off the ground is another huge hurdle. From the beginning, California has led the way in legalizing marijuana and efforts to make the industry acceptance more widespread. In September of 2018, California passed a statewide equity bill. Municipalities including Oakland, San Francisco and Los Angeles led the way, setting […]

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