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2018 February Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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Having Issues Closing Cash Advance Deals?

Are you the agent or broker in search of an online financial company that will turn your cash advance deal declines into dollars? Well, not every firm you choose to work for will adequately reward your efforts. In fact, some of them will reject almost every offer you present after you have hassle hard enough to convince a merchant to come your way. But First American Merchant is here to close every worthwhile deal you work for you. FAM is a popular online commercial finance provider that utilizes agents to reach out to all high-risk merchants looking for cash advance […]

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Counter Top ATMs And It’s Many Benefits

There’s been an ongoing silent shift from the costly credit/debit card transactions to use of ATMs. Savvy businesses have realized that cutting costs is a part of proper financial management. As a micro-business owner, you should now admit that statistically the improved sales you enjoy form taking credit card payments outweighs the costs linked to merchant services. First American Merchant not only offers your business a low-cost countertop ATM but will also guide you through the entire installation process. Having worked with many ATM vendors and service companies, FAM can get you both countertop and script ATMs whether you want […]

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Merchant Cash Advance Or A Business Loan?

Business loans and Merchant cash advances are the two primary commercial financing options assisting micro-businesses with working capital today. And while each of them can be a great way to obtain business funding, the two products have very different structures. To help you draw the line between cash advances and small business loans, here’s an in-depth comparison of the two. The Fundamental Differences Business Loan – just like you would seek funds for a new automobile or home, there are also loans meant for business. They usually have fixed repayment terms (say monthly installments) and pre-determined interest rates. A Merchant […]

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Is an MCA a good Funding Option for Your Business?

Sometimes following trends may incur you avoidable expenses. For example; the sudden increase in the number of companies applying (and qualifying) for merchant cash advances may push you into making rush borrowing decisions you might later regret. These quick cash options are known to cost merchants dearly if not well scrutinized during selection. Merchant Cash Advances, for instance, carry triple-digit annual percentage rates (APRs) — which is the gross cost of a loan, plus all fees. These added charges along with the daily repayment schedule often affect cash flow. And in worst cases, you may end up in a debt […]

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How to Retain Customers and Keep Them Coming Back

Every business owner knows that it’s more costly to acquire a new customer than retain an existing one. Moreover, returning customers, as a rule, spend more than first-time customers. The role returning customers play in growing your business is undeniable. If you’re interested in how you can retain your customers and get the best payment processing solutions, including an automotive merchant account, just read below. Customer Retention, Automotive Merchant Account, and Business Funding What is a customer retention rate? This is the metric showing how well your company can keep the lifespan of an existing customer over a period of […]

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How to Get Alternative Business Loans for Contractors

Contractors work on projects that are very time sensitive. Access to the necessary working capital is critical to contractors trying to complete their projects, which may require machinery, materials, laborers, and other things during an intensive period. If you’re interested in alternative business loans for contractors, just read this article. Alternative Loans for Businesses Business owners in industries like development and contracting who have applied for loans through traditional banks are well aware of the troubles associated with loan approvals. Loans from traditional banks require insurmountable requirements, as well as a long process of getting approved. On the other hand, […]

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High-Risk Merchant Account Solutions for Credit Repair Businesses

Everything is high-risk about a credit repair businesses, from its name to the nature of activity it gets involved with. So don’t get shocked if your credit repair merchant account gets terminated or your request to secure one gets rejected. Nevertheless, FAM is now here to assist credit repairing businesses survive and flourish by helping them open accounts and install credit and debit card payment processing solutions. And with our improving economy, you expect to see more Americans look for long-lasting remedies to their financial problems. What’s the Right Merchant Account for Your Risky Business? The features of the high-risk […]

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Looking for a Business Cash Advance? Watch Out For Scammers!

The news is everywhere on the internet; how online lenders are providing quick micro-businesses funding to all companies including those with bad credit but have steady cash flows. Yes, it’s true, web-based funding institutions are now giving cash advances to the broad group of small businesses that formerly found a difficult time meeting the criteria for business bank loans. However, not all shiny-looking deals will mean golden offers. This kind of business financing is most times doubtingly ethical and very expensive. So how do you win a business cash advance deal without getting ripped off? Many lenders in this new-fangled […]

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Cash in on the Benefits of ACH eCheck Services

ACH eCheck services are a simple an easy way for businesses and consumers to enter the e-commerce world. Unfortunately, there is some confusion surrounding the services, which include ACH payments and eCheck processing, because many in the financial industry use the terms interchangeably. On a fundamental level, ACH payments and eChecks are the same because they both make payments or deposits by transferring money from one bank account into another. ACH (Automated Clearing House) is the main network that processes most of the electronic transactions in the United States while electronic checks are a form of payment. Since eChecks, which […]

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How to Secure a Cash Advance for Your Business, Regardless of Credit Score

Bad credit is a huge red flag for traditional lenders. In their eyes, a bad credit score implies that you have not managed your finances wisely in the past. Ten years ago, having less-than-stellar credit would have made it completely impossible to secure business funding. Today, thanks to the ever-growing online lending industry, there are more options than ever before for bad credit business loans. The Search for Business Funding If you have bad credit and your searching for small business funding, you should know that getting financing from a bank will simply not be an option. While financial institutions […]

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