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2017 September Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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Trump’s Tax Plan for Small Businesses

In the beginning of 2017, two major comprehensive tax reform plans were being discussed: President Trump’s plan and the plan put forward by the House Ways and Means Committee, commonly referred to as the “Blueprint.” On September 27, 2017, the Trump administration released the Unified Tax Reform Framework. According to the Framework, the corporate tax rate will be lowered from 35% to 20%. Trump is also going to reduce the income tax for middle-income families. He asked for a one-time repatriation of corporate profits earned overseas. The president notes that the tax reform will give families and businesses more money […]

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Offer Consumer Financing to Improve Sales and Customer Loyalty

Now that every business owner is offering financing options to their consumers, you’ll need to follow the trend if you want to compete favorably with you counterparts. Customer Consumer Financing is becoming an effective tool for increasing returns. And the good news is; First American Merchant is offering a number of lending programs to help both large and small businesses cater for their customers. Some of the benefits local businesses enjoy from these financing programs include; improved acquisition, brand awareness, consumer retention, and increased foot traffic. What’s more it builds customer loyalty which greatly impacts repeat business. Most customer financing […]

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Lease or Buy Commercial Space?

If your business has been doing well but your present lease is almost expiring, then you might consider purchasing a commercial space instead of leasing. And with the low mortgage rates many merchants are now looking to have their own business premises hence creating ownership equity. However, there are a lot of factors to consider when making the decision to lease or buy. Location Just as is with your home, location is an important factor to consider. If you are relying on a customer base located in a given area in town, you’ll need to continue running your operations near your […]

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Expert Advice on How to Start a Credit Repair Business

Establishing a credit repair business is never an easy ride. This path should be trailed alongside a professional who’s been there before. Top credit repair experts are often willing to assist upcoming counterparts grow their credit repair businesses and expand their customer base. It’s no wonder a group of experienced credit repair professionals prepared a list of top tips to mentor entrepreneurs looking to venture into the industry: Repairing credit is not a part-time career If you think credit repair is a part-time job that you can squeeze a day or two every week in your busy schedule for then […]

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Four Things a Bank Won’t Let You Know When Applying For A Business Loan

Applying for business loans is one way to fix disturbing issues and keep operations running in your business. As an entrepreneur, having supplementary funding can help you move forward and set things straight in areas where you face challenges. However, it is wise to weigh different options when looking for lenders and financing options. While going for traditional banks may look like a feasible possibility, it is important to inquire the details of their loan options, application procedure and the overall process. Find out a few things a bank will not share with you when discussing a loan. On top […]

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Lease to Own Financing Program: How it Works

For the most part, people avoid lease to own financing. This option has received a bad rap, even though it is available to anyone – including those with poor or no credit history. In truth, lease to own financing is actually a great alternative to a traditional loan. Why, you ask? Lease to own contracts are much more budget-friendly than traditional options and offer may benefits for those with short-term needs. This solution is also ideal for those who move frequently and those who have plans to relocate for a short-term period. Still not convinced? Before you pass up this […]

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How To Prepare Your Business for a Hurricane

Natural disasters are a simple fact of life. You should do your best to respond to a disaster before it happens. Pay enough attention and effort so to prevent severe damage and be able to easily mitigate the effects of a hurricane-related disruption of your business in the future. Have a hurricane survival and recovery strategy. The American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) recommends the following 5 basic steps: Develop a comprehensive plan Determine procedures and individual crisis management responsibilities Coordinate with others Prepare employees. Review emergency plans annually Remember that you can easily get approved for a merchant loan […]

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Payroll Tools and Business Funding for Your Construction Business

The global human resource software market is expected to reach $9.2 billion in value by 2022, and payroll makes up only a small portion of that growth. Your employees must be paid accurately and on time. That’s where payroll management solutions come into play. Happily, they’re becoming more advanced and affordable. Consider using them for your construction business. If you’re interested in business funding for your company, consider turning to a reputable high risk business funding provider like First American Merchant. (FAM) offers unique business funding opportunities, including a merchant cash advance bad credit. Below you can find a […]

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Medical Factoring ─ Capital Based on Future Insurance Receivables

Medical factoring is called to help companies that bill private insurance companies, Medicare, or Medicaid, and face cash flow problems because of slow payments. Medical Factoring is also called Medical Receivable Financing and is used by healthcare providers and medical professionals of all specialties. Medical Factoring or Medical Receivable Financing Through Medical Factoring, the healthcare providers receive an asset-based credit line. The latter is based on the net realized value for their billings to third-party payors such as commercial insurance companies, HMO’s (Health Maintenance Organization), Blue Cross-Blue Shield, Medicare and Medicaid. Sometimes, it takes too long for companies in the […]

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A Guide to Merchant Cash Advance Underwriting

The merchant cash advance (MCA) industry was born back in 1998 as a response to a decline in small business lending from traditional banks. The MCA was introduced through a company called AdvanceMe (now known as CAN Capital). Interested in a Merchant Cash Advance? The merchant cash advance can be described as a category of SME financing, which, however, differs from other SME financing options. Regulators don’t consider MCAs loans, so this type of financing isn’t subject to the same legislation that governs other types of small business financing options. According to a report by one of the investment banks, […]

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