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2017 February Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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How Alternative Funding Can Increase your Business Profits

Since their inception, merchant cash advances have been considered the best option for business owners to gain quick funding when needed. They are easy to apply for and don’t demand too much information. Moreover, leading players such as First American Merchant offer fast approvals, with cash deposited within only a few days. That said, smart merchants have come to the realization that cash advances mean a lot more than just a bailout from a tough or unexpected situation. When used wisely, alternative funding can help to improve sale volumes and return larger profits. And in this article, we aim to […]

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How You Can Minimize Your Business Spending

Maintaining a steady cash flow is paramount for the healthy growth of your enterprise, and doing so demands streamlined spending habits. While we don’t recommend just going for the cheapest business services available, you should sit down and evaluate the areas where you might be able to save some cash. Here are a few tips on how you can cut operational costs while maintaining the quality standards of your goods and services. Bundled internet and phone packages As a business owner, you probably spend a lot on cellular and internet services. Because simply doing away with these expenses is not […]

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What Investors Really Think About Your Start-Up

As a new entrepreneur, getting the necessary funding for your young business is likely one of the concerns keeping you up at night. What do you do when your savings are not enough and applying for a loan is not a viable option? Well, you could try wooing an investor. Investors are a good solution to a startup’s funding problems because rather than handing you the money as a loan, they instead get a share of your business. It might sound scary, but you’ll be gaining a resourceful partner that is determined to ensure your enterprise succeeds. That said, every […]

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The Step-by-Step Guide To Business Funding Online

When trying to expand, ensuring cash flow, or investing in new equipment, you might want to obtain small business funding. You can apply for a traditional bank loan or look for alternative online lending options. Below you can read what you should take into account when looking for online business funding: When applying for business funding, be well prepared to explain the reason you need a loan. Prove you can pay back the loan. Both personal and business collateral can be of great help. Keep all your documents in order. Figure out which loan type best suits your business needs: […]

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Applying For A Business Loan? 10 Important Points To Focus On

Applying for a bank loan is associated with many things. Filling out paperwork isn’t enough to get approved for a bank loan. Below you can find 10 important points to focus on before applying for a bank loan. Do You Qualify for a Bank Loan? If you see you cannot qualify for a bank loan, applying for it will hurt your credit. Find out the requirements of the bank beforehand. Most banks will tell you the lowest credit score, the cash flow and other qualifying factors they require. The Amount You Need Make sure to know the exact amount you […]

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Business Loan Vs Merchant Cash Advance. Which One To Choose?

Businesses looking for access to capital face a basic choice between a business loan and a merchant cash advance. Both business funding options can help you hire new employees or finance a major marketing campaign, expand your business or just get out of a cash flow crisis. Which one to choose? Business Loans Businesses loans are designed for businesses and not individuals. They have a fixed term and agreed interest rate. Business loans have traditionally been popular among business owners because they offer the following benefits: As compared to a merchant cash advance, a business loan is cheaper and offers […]

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7 Tips To Improve Your Business Credit — and Get Better Business Loans

If you’re looking for a business loan on favorable terms, you should have a good business credit score. Bad credit is one of the main reasons entrepreneurs get rejected when applying for business funding. However, you can also turn to reliable alternative online lenders like First American Merchant, a reputable business loan provider, to get financing without challenges. Your credit history is not a problem for FAM. Below you can find 7 tips that can help you improve your business credit score and get a better business loan. Set up a Separate Business Entity According to US government, more than […]

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Filling The Small Business Funding Gap

JPMorgan Chase & Co. has partnered with a non-profit organization that helps finance small business and startup companies to offer a new financial program. The latter is developed for women, minority and veterans. As you know these groups are at a disadvantage when it comes to small business funding. Access to Business Capital According to the JPMorgan Chase Institute, small business owners, as a rule, have 27 days of cash reserve on hand. 1/4 of them have 13 or fewer days, so quick access to capital could be of vital importance for small business owners. JPMorgan Chase hopes to fill […]

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How To Get Business Financing In A Tough Funding Environment

The year 2016 wasn’t easy for entrepreneurs trying to raise capital to start their businesses. US venture-backed companies were able to get 30% less investment from Q2 ’15 to Q1 ’16. Below you can find 3 important points to focus on when raising capital for your startup. These can help you be better prepared when searching for funding for your business. Fundamentals of Your Business To increase your chances of getting capital for your startup, you should be able to represent the fundamental points regarding your business in a professional way. You need to show a track record of having […]

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Alternative Funding For Your Business | Cash Advance

If you are a small business owner looking for financing for your company, consider applying for a merchant cash advance, a smarter business funding alternative. This is also a good option for financing specific purchases such as equipment and inventory, or for marketing and expansion. What is a Merchant Cash Advance? A merchant cash advance is also known as a business cash advance. How does it work? You will get an advance on your future credit card sales. You will be required to pay off the advance by the advance company taking a percentage of each credit card transaction until […]

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