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2015 September Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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Success Doesn’t Have to Wait! What You Can Do To Speed It Up

Every new merchants wants a successful business. Some dream of being in Forbes Magazine, and other dream of being the most successful in town. Regardless of your dream, you don’t have to wait for success. You dream it, and you can build it. While it seems easy – and parts of it are – there are things that are not so easy that all small business owners must do. First, small business funding. The range of funding options for small businesses seem endless, from government grants to local grants, and even “GoFundMe” accounts. While the latter might be good for […]

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News Flash: Not All Funding is Created Equal

The merchant cash advance business is tricky, yet it is a must for thousands of small business merchants. While some processors advertise their rates to be low, others advertise specialized service. It can be hard to find the perfect merchant cash advance for your small business, and various types of claims from the industry do not help, because not all funding sources are created equally. Many choose to turn to their local banks for small business funding. While some can get good loan rates, the issues comes with the term “loan”. With a loan, your repayments start back almost immediately, […]

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Quicker is Better: Same-Day ACH Payment are Coming

Quicker is better for many things, from drive-thru service to internet connection. One thing that nearly every business relies on are ACH payments, and sadly, sometimes it can takes days to get your funding. The current plan allows vendors to receive their funds within 48 hours, barring any holdups. For the betterment of the industry, NACHA just passed a resolution to allow same-day payments, though there are a few catches. As with all good things, there are strings attached. First, there are two time periods for the same-day payment allowances. The first cut-off is 10:30am, which allows for a deposit […]

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Why the “Latino Beverly Hills” is Important for the Entire USA

While there has been loads of negative talks about immigration in the news as of late, some immigrants – and their descendants – are making a big impact on the California economy. Downey, a Los Angeles suburb, is 75% Latino – and is known as the “Latino Beverly Hills”. Huge numbers of these immigrants and their descendants are making their way into the middle and upper class, breaking barriers that many have placed on their social status. While this is great for the struggling California economy, it also makes waves throughout the entire USA. While immigrants, documented and undocumented, account for […]

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Turned Down For What? Why Your Small Business Loan Application Was Rejected

Rejection hurts, regardless of what it encompasses. For small business owners, rejection can mean disaster if the rejection happens to revolve around a loan application. While small business loans are available, not all small businesses are eligible for small business loans. This can leave merchants scrambling to find funding. While some scramble to find funding in all types of places (parents, rich uncles, title pawn, etc.), the first thing you should do is investigate why your loan application was denied. Small business loan applications are denied for many reasons. One of the reasons could be that your business is new. […]

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