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2014 July Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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Small Business Loan Alternatives

Funding a small business nowadays through traditional means is increasingly becoming more difficult. A small business loan from a bank is harder to obtain though they are very efficient. If a small business however has had issues related to credit, banks can be more reluctant to provide a loan. There are some alternatives sources of funding though that could prove very useful to small businesses. One alternative to a small business loan is a merchant cash advance loan. Merchant cash advances are simple as they automatically take a portion of each credit card sale the business makes to pay back […]

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Do You Need a E-newsletter for Your Small Business?

Increasingly small businesses are turning to the World Wide Web as a means to enhance consumer interaction and raise their presence online. While there are many ways that a small business can engage its customer base online, such as social media, blogs, and infographics, there is one tool that has become more used than the others in 2014, e-newsletters. A recent report ‘B2B Content Marketing’ issued by the Content Marketing Institute revealed data related to the most popular trends in the online content industry. Based on the findings, e-newsletters rank third in popularity with executives in the field. In fact, […]

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New Alternatives for Bank Loans brings Good News for Small Businesses

Recent competition in alternatives for bank loans means good things lie in the future for small businesses with big plans. This fresh competition is forcing established player to adjust what they offer consumers. Since the recession, small businesses have turned to merchant cash advance providers for help, especially when banks reject them for lack of collateral. This type of nonbank lender advances cash quickly. In return for their services, they collect a portion of future sales by daily extracting from the borrower’s credit card receipts. Mr. Ivan Rincon is the owner and founder of online swimwear shop Orchid Boutique in […]

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Securing Small Business Funding

In the current economic climate, it is extremely difficult to secure funding for small businesses. Many banks require a business to prove they are a risk worth taking and this means needing credit scores that reflect an established business with great cash flow. Often this is not possible, it can put a strain on small business in securing financial aid to help them grow and develop as businesses. This is where a merchant cash advance can help; it is an alternative to a traditional loan and securing it through your merchant company is an option. However, it is important to […]

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Weather is Blamed for the U.S. GDP Drop of 2.9% for First Quarter 2014

In June 2014, the Bureau of Economic Analysis released another estimate concerning real gross domestic product for the first three months of 2014. This estimate, the third and final estimate for this time period, reveals that the U.S. economy contracted more than was previously estimated. The Bureau’s release reveals the output in the U.S. declining at an annual rate of 2.9%. This should be compared to a GDP growth of 2.6% that was seen in the fourth quarter of 2013. According to Samantha Sharf of Forbes, “The 2.9% decrease in real GDP reflected the negative contribution from exports as well […]

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The Impact Of The Bitcoin On Small Business

  Small businesses are the backbone of the economy and are very much affected by the large financial changes that happen. Occasionally there are large tends and movements that are obscure but have the potential to be highly influential in the normal day-to-day business of smaller companies. Bitcoins are just such a change. It is a relatively new concept that may or may not last but has the possibility to change the face of how we exchange money. What is a Bitcoin? Some speculate that it was started as a joke, muse or just a pseudonymous hacker with a vendetta […]

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