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Do You Need a E-newsletter for Your Small Business?

highly-effective-email-newsletter-examplesIncreasingly small businesses are turning to the World Wide Web as a means to enhance consumer interaction and raise their presence online. While there are many ways that a small business can engage its customer base online, such as social media, blogs, and infographics, there is one tool that has become more used than the others in 2014, e-newsletters.

A recent report ‘B2B Content Marketing’ issued by the Content Marketing Institute revealed data related to the most popular trends in the online content industry. Based on the findings, e-newsletters rank third in popularity with executives in the field. In fact, 80% of people working in the field send them on a regular basis the report detailed.

Why are e-newsletters so popular? E-newsletters are a great way for small business owners to inform and engage consumers. They allow small business owners to inform consumers about offerings, industry trends, and other relevant information. Additionally they do not drain much small business funding as sending emails is low cost and efficient. In order to develop an e-newsletter there are a few things to consider.

First and perhaps most importantly, there should be a consistent schedule for the release of the newsletter. The frequency is less important than consistency. Of course frequency and meaningful content generation are key points to consider along with many other points. Keep in mind that consumers will come to expect the newsletter based on the schedule set so be sure to stick with it.

Another important point to consider when making a newsletter is the audience. The newsletter should be focused on the audience of your choice. As such the tone, voice, additions and content of the newsletter will be based on your target audience. While it is possible to cast a wider net and create a newsletter that can reach a wider audience, some small businesses that serve niche markets might need to focus on their consumers.

Content is also very important in a newsletter as it can address various subject matter such as holidays, special business deals and events. It is important to create newsletters with meaningful content so that the target audience will read them. For this reason meaningful headlines are important to articulate a point in a brief yet efficient manner. Also content relevant to the industry is important because it will develop your brand in the industry. Interaction with the audience should also be a goal of your newsletter to show consumers that they are a part of your business. In addition, creating links to your social media accounts and website should be done to give customers ease in connecting with your brand.

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