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2014 May Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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Merchant Cash Advance 101

At First American Merchant, we’re all about supplying businesses with the funding they need. Mostly, we do this through merchant cash advances, and though we talk about them a lot, we thought we’d put all the basics in one place for you. So here is everything you need to know. Terminology Before we get started, it’s important to clarify some terms. Merchant cash advance (also seen as MCA) and business cash advance are different terms for the same thing, which is what this article focuses on. Payday cash advances are personal loans, and are not associated with business cash advances. […]

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How to Find Funding for Small business Growth

Larger, publicly traded corporations have vast resources to fund their growth. There are not so many choices for small businesses, unfortunately. However, there are options available to fund your small business if you know where to look. First off, you need to figure out your goal for your company. Do you want it to eventually become a multi-million dollar business with shareholders, or are you wanting to keep it as a small business that enables you to quit your “day job”? Knowing your end goal will help you figure out how much funding you need for your growth. Growing a […]

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Types of Start-Up Business funding

Starting your own business is an exciting proposition and filled with risks as great at the rewards it offers. However, becoming an entrepreneur is not for everyone and may change your life and lifestyle in ways you have not prepared for. If you are not ready for the financial difficulties along with the distinct possibility of having to live with less until your business takes off, this may not be the right path for you. To offset some of those financial difficulties the majority of start-up companies obtain a loan. If you are brave enough to do so, this article […]

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Money Management Tips for Small Businesses

You may be the world’s most talented hair cutter, the finest chef, the most charming party planner, but if you do not know basic accounting tools and are not actively involved with the cash management of your venture, you may not be in business for as long as you want to be. Knowing the financial aspects of running a business is just as important as the product or service you are selling. Even if trusted professionals are doing all of your financial paperwork for you, take an active interest in the bookkeeping and accounting. It is your dream and investment […]

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