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Types of Start-Up Business funding


Starting your own business is an exciting proposition and filled with risks as great at the rewards it offers. However, becoming an entrepreneur is not for everyone and may change your life and lifestyle in ways you have not prepared for. If you are not ready for the financial difficulties along with the distinct possibility of having to live with less until your business takes off, this may not be the right path for you. To offset some of those financial difficulties the majority of start-up companies obtain a loan. If you are brave enough to do so, this article will help you understand the types of funding available for start-up businesses.

Many start-up businesses have trouble finding funding for many reasons. One in particular is that the new business owner does not have any klout, or reputation, in the industry. Anyone can go to a bank and ask for a business loan, but how does the bank know that the business would succeed? They don’t, and many are hesitant to hand out loans to new business owners. Though, if your mind is set on getting a bank loan, check around with smaller community banks, as they are more likely than a large national bank to give a loan to a local small business.

Everyone has a story about an uncle who always approaches the family looking for investments in the get-rich-quick scheme of the month. Do not be that person. When you have a solid business idea, approach your relatives and friends. Show them that you are putting your own money into the business, provide them your business plan, and offer them the opportunity to lend you the money or offer them partial ownership for their investment stake. Only approach relatives and friends who you would believe would not be offended by your request, and do it quietly.

Be sure to consult with your merchant account processor, as most have cash advance programs for start-up and small businesses. These differ from loans, as there are no “payments” made to the company; instead, the payments are taken from the intake from the business by the processor. Some merchant account processors also cater to those who are not current clients.

Starting any business can be challenging, especially if you are a new business owner. A major challenge for a start-up business is be funding, but it is possible to find funding through relatives, banks, or even your merchant account processor. Be sure to research your choices thoroughly, as making the wrong choice could not only affect your business, but also your personal finances in the case of a loan with too high of interest.