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What You Should Know About a Working Capital Loan

A working capital loan can be defined as a type of loan that aims to finance your company’s everyday operations. It’s not meant for purchasing long-term assets or investments. A working capital is designed for covering accounts payable, wages, and more.

Working Capital Loans

Usually, a working capital loan is the right option for those businesses that feature cyclical sales or have high seasonality. A working capital loan can be of great help during periods with reduced business activity.

You should consider applying for a working capital loan if you need financing to cover your company’s short-term operational costs. It can also be the right business funding option for those cases when you don’t have the necessary cash on hand or asset liquidity to meet your company’s daily operational needs.

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A Working Capital Loan:

  • Shorter terms
  • The amount provided is based on the cost of running your business

You should consider taking out a working capital loan if you run a business that performs best during the holidays.

Term Loans:

  • Cover expensive investments that will generate more revenue over time
  • Best for purchases that take several months to pay off like new property or equipment

Before applying for a term loan, you should make sure your business can generate a new level of demand that will compensate the investment cost.

Pros of a Working Capital Loan:

  • A working capital loan is quick
  • Allows for efficiently covering gaps in working capital expenditure
  • A working capital is debt financing
  • Doesn’t require any equity transaction
  • You can maintain full control of your company

Cons of a Working Capital Loan:

  • A working capital loan can be collateralized
  • Requires higher interest rates to compensate the lender for risk
  • A working capital loan is often tied to a business owner’s personal credit

When trying to get access to working capital, take into account all the available options and choose the one that will help you best meet your business needs.