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What is the fastest way to get funding for a business

coffeeMerchant Cash Advances: The Fastest and Easiest Way in Funding Your Business

Is it your first time to put up a business of your own? Does applying for a bank loan seem like an impossible option for you? Whether you have a bad credit score or have no collateral to support your bank loan application, it is now easy to fund your business through merchant cash advances. This fast and dependable alternative has helped thousands of small business owners secure a good and stable jump start in their respective industries without having to go through the painstaking process bank loan applicants usually deal with. But unfortunately, only few business owners are fully aware as to what and how the system really works along with its accompanying advantages and benefits.

What is a merchant cash advance?

Technically speaking, merchant cash advances are not loans unlike the initial impressions. Most business owners consider it, an alternative for entrepreneurs who have a long way of securing their respective bank loans. This type of business financing solution is more like a sale of a portion of future sales or income of the concerned client. And since it is not a loan, applicants will never have to worry about towering interest rates. Furthermore, here are some more benefits and advantages business owners will definitely enjoy from acquiring such cash advances:

• No need for a collateral
• No upfront or application fee required
• High and fast approval rate with most transactions accomplished within 24 hours from application
• Funding is provided within 24-72 hours
• No high credit score requirement
• Country wide funding
• Cash advances never hurt your credit report/standing
• Funds a wide variation of industries
• At least 10 years of tested and proven effective solutions in the market

Whether your first choice or second option, a merchant cash advance has now become more of a primary and more suitable solution for most small business owners. With banks and major lending companies gripping tighter on their money, merchant cash advances have been considered as a wiser and more effective option. Instead of a fixed payment collected on a monthly basis, merchant cash advance providers settle on a set percentage of the client’s future income. And this proves to be very helpful to businesses that inevitably run on slow sales months from time to time. Whenever your business runs on a cash-flow problem or any issue that requires immediate financial aid, merchant cash advances are your best and most appropriate option.

Compared to the typical bank loan applications that take weeks for approval, merchant cash advances can take you out of a dark tunnel within 24 hours. In most cases, applicants/ business owners are able to acquire their needed funding within 72 hours from the time of their application. Although there seems to be a lot of business financing options out there that are made available for business owners, merchant cash advances offer a whole lot of benefits and advantages that are more suitable and appropriate to today’s industries. Whatever your situation and no matter how complicated your financial issues may be, merchant cash advance is your ultimate solution.