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What is the BEST Merchant Services Agent Program?

Merchant Services Agent Program

Are you a merchant services agent looking for a better program? Do you want the BEST merchant services agent program on the market? The answer is simple: First American Merchant!

Why are we the best credit card processing agent program?

  1. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:with First American Merchant you can sign up merchants with confidence. If your merchant is ever not happy with the processor you sign them up with, we’ll switch them to another provider in our network, free of charge with no cancellation fee charged to the merchant, regardless of the cancellation fee listed in the merchant agreement.
  2. DOZENS of Processors:,One Agent Agreement:You can offer your merchants credit card processing services from all the TOP credit card processing providers in the country. You can track all your deals and commissions from one portal, and the commission is the same or better than what the processors offer their own agents. You’re only required to fill out one agent agreement at eMerchantBroker, so your credit is not run multiple times.
  3. Production Bonuses & Fast Start Bonuses:In addition to offering industry leading compensation from our variety of processors we provide additional production bonuses and fast start bonus of up to $5000. A brief overview of our more popular compensation plan is below:Up to $1000 up front for each new merchant account you sign up
    50%-80% Revenue Sharing
    FREE Websites and Marketing
    FREE Wireless and standard credit card terminals from Verifone
    Contract buy outs up to $500
    High Risk Specialists
  4. Agent Training and Tools:Because we offer processing from dozens of providers, we also offer training, marketing tools, and lead programs from all of our credit card processing providers. From our portal you can access hundreds of resources for training you and your sales staff.
  5. Affiliate Program:Our merchant services affiliate program allows you to gather affiliates underneath you and automatically track and compensate your affiliates or referral partners. This is a free solution and can create a sales force that requires no management.
  6. High Risk Solutions:Many merchant services agent programs do not support “high risk” businesses. We have many options for high risk business types. We offer both domestic and off shore solutions. We provide credit card processing for medical marijuana dispensaries, online gaming, adult websites, tobacco, streaming video, e-books, penny auctions and more.

High Risk Merchant Services Agent Program

What is the best high risk merchant services agent program?

Choosing the right high risk partner for your merchant services business is important. As the underwriting guidelines of traditional processors tighten, more of your applications will be declined. We have over a decade of experience helping hard to place merchants get credit card processing services.

There are two important factors in high risk merchant services agent programs:

1. Getting Accounts Approved

We have a network of over 80 banks and ISO’s across the world that allow us to place almost any business you could imagine. We strive to approve EVERY application our agents submit to us. We have a long list of satisfied clients that you can use as referral sources to get more high risk business.

2. Getting Paid

As veterans of the industry we know how frustrating it is to send high risk leads and deals to processors and brokerages, just to have them disappear and you never receive any money. We always pay our residuals on the 5th of every month and we offer a program to allow our agents to get upfront commissions from high risk accounts.

Business Types Accepted  as of 07/25/2011

Penny Auctions
Medical Marijuana
Financial Services
Credit Repair
Collection Agencies
Real Estate
Downloadable Software
Travel Agencies
Gaming (Non-U.S only)
Local Coupons
Trial Offers
Negative Billing
Bad Credit
Bankruptcy Merchants
Continuity Payments

Domestic Processing

First American Merchant offers competitive high risk merchant solutions domestically, as well as 3rd party processing for clients with little or no processing history.

Offshore Processing

First American Merchant specializes in offshore accounts, allowing you to process in tax free jurisdictions like Cyprus, Hong Kong, Panama, Malta and Mauritius.

Payment Gateway

Our proprietary gateway is PCI compliant and NMI-integrated for ease-of-use with over 40 common shopping carts, including All merchants receive full technical support for free.

Multiple Currency Processing

First American Merchant processes in over 16 currencies, including: USD, Euro, GBP, CAD, AUD, INR,CHF, ADD, and NZD. Travel and replica start-ups may only be allowed USD and Euros.


First American Merchant offers competitive rates throughout all industries. As a high risk business type your rates are much higher than a standard merchant account, but there are no volume restrictions and more importantly…we’ll get you approved and processing!

Standard E-commerce, Financial and Forex – 2.5% to 5%

Marketing, Non-U.S. Gambling, Gaming, MLM and Travel – 4% to 6%

Tobacco, Downloadable Software, Credit Repair and Replica – 5% to 7%

Pharmacy – 5% to 8%

Adult – 5% to 10%

Set Up Fees

Domestic: 80% of our domestic solutions do not charge a set up fee.

Offshore: 95% of our offshore solutions charge a set up fee ranging from $499-$699**
**fee is only charged once the account is set up and processing