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Ways to Market Your Business to Millennials

There are 71 million millennials, aged 20 to 35. This unique group looks for marketing approaches that are much different than what previous generations responded to. As you put together your small business marketing strategy, make sure you also consider the following tips:

Optimize content for social media

Nowadays, there is so much content on the internet. The key to keeping your millennial customers’ attention is to share great, personalized content. It is especially important to focus on optimizing content for social media. When it comes to millennials, social media is the new SEO. Reach out to millennials via social platforms to drive the most significant traffic back to your brand.

Connect with your customers

Millennials want to feel connected with the companies they choose to do business with. They want to know their stories, their purpose and their goals. They want to know how the business is going beyond sales and impacting the world around them. Make sure meeting with your millennials customers is a priority. Engage in conversations, reach out on social media, make sure you go to trade shows. Learn as much as you can about your customers.

Make your marketing campaigns adaptable

Millennials embrace technology. They are always ready to try the newest tech or newest type of service. Make sure your marketing campaigns are easily adaptable, so you can change with your millennials customers and keep their attention. Market the immediacy of the service or product you offer.

Give instant responses

If it looks like an ad, your millennial customers will skip over it. Whatever content, message or video you use needs to be authentic – it must be real. Find out where your millennials customers are asking questions (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, all of the above) and make sure you respond quickly. Millennials expect to have instant responses to their inquiries. If you increase the number of people you have interacting with customers, you will more than likely see a substantial increase in sales.

Appeal to their values

The brands that appeal the most to millennials interests and values are the ones that win millennials’ loyalty. The brand that focuses on creating memorable experiences and social identity is the one that will rise to the top. Millennials support businesses that share their passions, and they align with brands that value doing good in the world.

Stay up-to-date on social media trends

Because social media is so fast-paced, it requires its own unique marketing approach. To continue to attract millennials, stay on top of social media trends and incorporate them into your own marketing strategy. Consider memes, for example. Using them allows your business to speak to millennials in a fully relatable language. Adding relevant gifs is also a great addition to your business social media profile.

Offer training resources

More than any other generation, millennials do a lot of research before committing to a purchase. In fact, they will likely spend hours researching before they ever interact with your small business. To keep millennials from drifting to your competitors, make sure you provide the self-help content they expect. These training resources should be relevant and valuable. Don’t be afraid to also put together interactive content that can drive engagement.

Need Help Funding Your Marketing Efforts?

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