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Trucking Industry Making Changes To Attract More Drivers

Unfavorable working conditions like old trucks and unforgiving driving schedules scared away truck drivers, and now the industry is short of an entire 51,000 drivers. In a bid to fill in the gaps, the industry is improving the driver’s experience to lure more staff including women into the sector.

C.R. England is one of the leading truck companies in the country. It employs over 6500 drivers. The firm pays novices a starting salary of $40,000/year and the pay increases with experience, with the best drivers earning six-figure salaries.

The freight company is currently improving conditions for workers and offering high wages for those willing to join the sector.

“The benefits are great, its great pay and they offer a large amount, and because I love to travel and I love money, I said trucking would be best for me,” says 21-year-old Jonshell Jenkins who got a trucking license and secured a job with C.R England after three weeks of training.

Jenkins says she is happy to do a man’s job because she believes she “can do what a man can do.” And that confidence makes her proud to be part of a job space where only 6 percent of the staffs are women.

C.R England says it could use about 500 more drivers like Jenkins. To attract drivers, they are promising the following;

•    They’ll waive your loan repayment for trucking school if you stay with the company for nine months to 1 year

•    Big sign-on bonuses, 10,000+

•    Multiple salary increases throughout the year

•    Flexible schedules and routes to allow truck drivers more time with their families

Also, C.R England has purchased new automatic trucks to ensure their drivers enjoy the best experience on the road. According to CNBC news, other companies have also been making an effort to get new trucks as seen in last month truck order and trucker merchant funding records. Other than general comfort, the goal is to get trucks that can accommodate the vast range of drivers they are recruiting, i.e. short people, women, newbies e.t.c

C.R England also promises to look into the employees’ welfare. This will include working with its staff to find routes and develop schedules that will allow workers to spend ample time with their families. It is important to look into the matter because truck drivers sometimes spend up to 3 weeks on the road.

In conclusion

Hopefully these new working conditions and better salary offers will attract more young enthusiasts like Jenkins to join the sector.