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Top 8 Low Cost Ways to Jump Start Your Business

merchant cash advanceHave you finally decided to start your own business and need fast, economical ways to advertise? Are you a longtime business owner and looking for a way to boost sales without spending a fortune? Then it may be time to readjust your marketing strategy. Most companies believe that they must spend a fortune for good marketing. But the truth is there are a variety of low cost and effective marketing strategies that can move your business to the front of the line.

Plan, Plan, Plan

The first thing you must do is determine who your best prospects are and how to reach them. What social media solutions will your business pursue? What types of personal devices and electronic channels will you use to interact with your team?

Create a Website

You absolutely must have a website. This serves as the first point of contact between your organization and customers. If you can’t afford to hire someone to make a custom website, there are many companies dedicated to creating low cost, stylish websites for you.

Make a Profile on Social Media

This is essential to connecting with customers and potential customers. Social sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter will keep your company in the forefront of the consumer’s daily life.


No one can make it alone. Get involved with groups that are in the same field as you. This will help connect you with the latest trends, ideas, and practices within the industry and keep you connected and relevant.

Find Leads

Contact schools, dentists’ offices, doctor’s offices, colleges, and any other businesses that may have access to the customers you desire.

Put Demos Online

If you want to market your products, nothings better than showing what it can do and posting it online. There customers can view the product and post questions and comments.

Push Samples

People will try anything if it is free. Give out samples of your products. If they are good people will do the marketing for you.

Find Assistance

Discover what state, federal, or local programs exist that can offer loan assistance or other types of assistance to boost your business.

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