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Tips to Defeat Ransomware

How to defeat ransomware? This is a question that you, as a merchant, must be interested in, mustn’t you? If your data gets stolen, you should be prepared for the worse and take the right measures to save the situation. The below article is about what you should do when faced with ransomware. Also, it’s about a reliable and experienced merchant funding provider in case you need access to additional working capital. 

Ransomware Attacks & Issues With Business Funding

Ransomware isn’t something new, only it’s now more widespread. Today, cybercriminals are more sophisticated and they go on mastering their skills to gain more profit through cyberattacks. 

Ransomware is a growing threat to businesses, and specifically, to IT infrastructures across virtually any sector. This is a “great” opportunity for hackers to get access to a network and take advantage of its vulnerabilities. That’s why companies need to apply strong, multi-layered defense solutions and techniques and rely on a well-thought strategy to address ransomware.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only issue your business may face. You should also have access to the necessary business funding to overcome financial challenges or move your business to the next level successfully. That’s where a reputable merchant funding provider like First American Merchant can help. 

FAM is an award-winning alternative online lender in the high-risk space and also a processor that carries an A+ rating with the BBB. FAM is committed to helping merchants with easy-to-obtain, cheap and secure funding for a business and providing the most advanced services to defeat ransomware. 

How to Defeat Ransomware

Data protection is a hot-button topic for companies worldwide. Today, when the switch to the online space is accelerated, it’s become more pivotal than ever to protect your business from ransomware attacks. 

Let’s see what measures you should take in terms of cybersecurity:

  1. Start with eliminating and containing the breach. Put the infected device(s) in isolation. 
  2. Find out how the breach occurred so to be able to get rid of the potential vulnerabilities.
  3. Eliminate the malicious elements from the affected network.
  4. Restore your network.
  5. Identify the information compromised and notify all the affected users. 
  6. Be aware that paying the ransom doesn’t mean you’ll, by all means, retrieve your data.
  7. Get bleeding-edge network security solutions.
  8. Don’t let your network, application, and device software be out of date.  
  9. Understand that you can deal with malware anytime, be prepared for the worst, and have a response plan. 

Malware can be devastating for your network, device, or users. Today, the issue of data protection is more present than ever. So, protect your data and avoid falling into the trap of hackers.