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The Riskiest Businesses & How to Get Funding

high risk cash advanceNot all businesses are created equally, and often the stigmata that comes with some businesses has nothing to do with the business owner. There are “high risk” businesses that function in our everyday lives, and while lucrative, it can be hard for merchants to find a source of funding for their new businesses. For these businesses, they is a virtual 100% chance that a bank will turn them down for a loan, and often times the merchants do not have the resources to fund it themselves.

These high risk businesses incorporate things that we do, or use, often. One of the riskiest is newspaper publishing. While most of us what read a newspaper, the advance in the internet, iPhone, and social media have left the newspaper scrambling for business. Of course, some still purchase the Sunday newspaper for grocery coupons, but these are easily found online. Recordable media companies are also considered to be high risk. Most of us have a DVD or Blu-Ray player, but sales are plummeting, thanks to Netflix, Hulu, and other online streaming sites.

Oddly enough, another one of the riskiest is something that we all interact with every day: appliance manufacturers. There are many reasons for this, from ever-changing designs and models to recalls. However, thanks to the aforementioned issues, this is still a good business to get into, if you are technically savvy. One of your biggest issues will be still finding funding. So, what do you do?

The best option for high risk merchants is to obtain FAM’s high risk cash advance. This cash advance is not the same as a loan, and it is definitely not the same as a title pawn or “cash advance now” retailer with huge interest rates. Instead, a high risk cash advance from FAM is not paid back until your business is making money. This is totally different, as banks and other lenders do not take into account that it takes the average business two years to begin earning a profit. To obtain a high risk cash advance, little is needed from you. There are also no tax forms at the end of the year, since this is considered to be a transaction and not a loan.

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