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The Best Business Funding for Trucking Companies

Are you a trucking business owner in need of business funding? If yes, it’s critical for you to find a reliable and affordable business financing provider. Since your business is considered high risk, it’s important to turn to an expert lender that specializes in the field. To get to know how you can get access to the necessary working capital, just read below.

Interested in Financing for Trucking Companies?

The availability of funds is too important for trucking business owners. Otherwise, they can’t stay organized, keep the trucks on the road, and maintain a staff of competent and committed drivers. If you, as a truck business owner, want to remain competitive in your industry, you can’t do without continual investment in your company.

It’s true that the high risk nature of your business makes traditional banks and other financial institutions shy away from your business. However, traditional banks and lenders aren’t the only options to try.

With a respectable alternative lender specializing in the high risk sector, you can obtain the necessary funds to purchase everything you need. Stop worrying about additional trucks, expanding a warehouse, adding additional routes, or maintenance on vehicles and trailers. Just turn to the right specialists that can help you increase revenues and grow., a reputable alternative online lender and processor, offers affordable and flexible financial solutions to all type of businesses. First American Merchant doesn’t shy away from the trucking industry like other lenders tend to do today.

FAM doesn’t make you fill out lots of forms or submit lots of paperwork so to qualify for a trucking business loan. First American Merchant provides a streamlined process as part of what has made FAM so successful among business financing providers.

Getting the Best Business Funding for Your Trucking Company

Regardless of whether you run a large or small business, a respectable business financing provider will offer you the funding options you need to grow your business. Consider turning to for business funding for your trucking company. FAM’s popular merchant cash advance (MCA) is the right choice to make. MCAs have turned into a highly popular form of business financing, and many prefer them over traditional business loans these days.

A merchant cash advance isn’t a loan; it’s just a sale. The MCA provider purchases a certain amount in future sales so that you can have the money for an upfront expense. Then, you’ll be required to pay back the amount (and the agreed-upon fee) as sales are made.

You can get approved for First American Cash Advance in less than 72 hours. The money will be available almost immediately. No tax returns or financials are required. You’ll need to simply prove your business makes money. Approval is based on the total gross deposits into your business bank account

The faster you pay back the amount, the less interest you’ll have to pay. When it comes to the agreed-upon fee, it can make up some 30% of the amount advanced. Your payments are based on your receivables. So, if you have more sales, you pay the advance off more quickly. If you have a slow season, you pay back the money slowly, but the amount to be paid back is always the same.

  • First American Merchant Offers:
  • Minimal documentation
  • Application that takes place a few minutes
  • Same or next-day approval
  • In-house customer service
  • Various funding options
  • Income-based decisions

With a true professional in the field, you can get the capital you need for hiring new drivers, repairing your fleet, or facilitating the overhead requirements. Turn to an expert business financing provider that has years of experience in helping business owners find commercial truck funding to start or grow their companies.