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Get Flexible Financing with the Best Truck Repair Loans

Overhead costs make up a large part of every trucking company. From maintenance and fuel to buying the trucks themselves, monthly operations can be very costly. The cost of repairs can also add up fast. Fortunately, there are many financing options available today for trucking companies who need help covering costs and fueling growth. Top Reasons Trucking Companies Need Financing Commercial trucks get a lot of use and experience a lot of wear and tear during the week. Driving thousands of miles makes regular, ongoing maintenance a necessity, not an option. But even the most diligent maintenance schedule can’t prevent […]

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Why Business Loans are Difficult to Get

Getting a merchant loan is one thing, but getting the loan denied is devastating. Several factors keep you from getting a business loan, and bad credit is the major problem, though they are preventable.  Ways of boosting your credit score and enhancing your approval chances  If your credit history reveals that you cannot repay your debts, you will have difficulty obtaining a business loan. If you have recently filed for bankruptcy, you may find it hard to secure a company loan because you have no history of repaying bills. Your creditors will hesitate to offer you money when you file […]

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How to Grow Your Small Business in 2022

The year 2021 has transformed businesses across all industries. Are you looking for new opportunities and marketing strategies that can help you improve and expand your business? What about a secure and cheap small business loan? There is more than one way you can use, such as increasing your online presence, to become more successful in 2022. Growth Strategies for 2022 Here are several strategies you can follow this year to make your business more successful. These strategies can help you drive growth and navigate marketing challenges more easily. Grow the Online Presence of Your Business  Today, consumers prefer engaging […]

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A Guide To Small Business Loans For Auto Mechanics

The auto repair industry faced a decline during the recession. However, in just the last few years, the auto repair industry has not only experienced a comeback but has continued to grow. Consumers, keen on saving money, are driving their cars longer, and that means auto repair shops will greatly benefit. Business loan lenders are also well aware that almost 75% of aftermarket car repair is carried out by independent auto repair shops.   In order to take advantage of this massive opportunity, now and in the future, auto repair shops need to have the funds to meet these needs.  Why […]

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6 Tips to Help Your Struggling Business Get Back on Track

Owning and operating a small business has always been challenging. From insufficient cash flow and poor business practices to a disengaged team and no customers, there are many reasons why a business might find itself on the road of no return. Regardless of the cause, if you’ve found yourself on this path, it’s time to get some guidance. You’ve now started the real test of entrepreneurship: the ability to make it through tough times – and we are definitely living in a time of uncertainty and obstacles. If this year has left you with a struggling enterprise, here are six […]

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The Consequences of a Bad Credit Score to Your Business

A good credit score is a pivotal factor for businesses that want to acquire loans. Most businesses usually need additional funds to invest, thrive, and expand their reach. During such times, your credit rating may determine the lender’s decision.  What Leads To A Poor Credit Score?  A low credit score can be a result of various factors. For example, failure to cultivate your credit when the business was developing, financial struggles, or low revenue incomes. One must first learn the roots of their poor credit score to fix the issue. Lenders typically use details about your FICO ratings, which is […]

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Prepping Your Restaurant, Pub or Bar to Thrive in the Post-Pandemic Era

Restaurant and pub businesses have long suffered under a year-long pandemic that seems to be commencing a second wave. The business environment has revolutionized so much that failure to notice the ongoing changes is almost bottom-line threatening. Now, brands in these sectors must make a complete transition from where they seek commercial funding to how they search, attract, and serve customers. According to a July poll by UK’s Food Standards Agency, 31 percent of consumers admitted they wouldn’t eat at a restaurant “for the foreseeable future.” That result marks a significant increase from June’s 25 percent.  Consumers are gradually switching […]

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Business Funding to Gear Up for Festive Season

Government loan programs are fizzling out, yet the holiday season is a stone-throw away. How do you plan to meet the financial needs of your business at a time when nothing matters more than preparing adequately for the oncoming shopping spree? For many businesses, traditional loans are a no-go-zone because of failure to meet specific criteria. Plus, banks aren’t as willing to supply loans as before, given the pandemic’s uncertain nature and current economic status. And when your business is short of finances, you cannot achieve essential holiday season duties like; Refill or diversify your stock of goods for festive […]

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Top Franchise Financing Options for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

So, you’ve decided to buy a franchise? If you’re considering this option, your next thought might be how do I secure the financing I need to get started? The initial investment is very important. It includes all the expenses you will incur to get the ball rolling: franchise fee, grand opening, initial inventory, signage, leasehold improvements, supplies, equipment and more. How Much Is the Initial Investment for Franchises? The initial investment ranges between $75,000 and $500,000 for most franchises. However, the average cost typically floats around $250,000. Keep in mind this initial investment will vary by both industry and brand. […]

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Need Fast Funding? Complete Guide to Funding Your Small Business

The number of small business owners that have needed funding this year has been staggering. As the COVID-19 pandemic swept the nation, even businesses in stronger-than-most financial positions found themselves desperately in need of extra capital. Not for big plans or expansion goals, but for day-to-day operating costs and investments in new necessities like remote working teams. If your business is one of the many that is still in need of cash, the key is research. During such a stressful, overwhelming time, it’s easier to jump in with the first lender that will accept you. However, if you want to […]

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